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The other day I decided to go for a jog. So I put 2 year old Cash in the stroller and headed out…


You know what? That might not exactly be me.

1. I don’t jog. I’m more of a fast walk kind of girl. Like Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally. Because you know if you actually run, you might get a cramp and then you have to get someone to pick you up and you’ll have to break down the stroller and get it into the car trunk and well, that all sounds exhausting.

2. I don’t usually wear a stretchy bikini spandex outfit when exercising.

3. That couldn’t possibly be me because my son Cash is the Houdini of all strollers and would be out of that thing before I even had my first wedgy from that work out wear.

The kid can get himself out of all kinds of child safety straps. And then he usually takes off like a drunk cheetah in any direction. Or he just lies down the ground.


Unsanitary? Perhaps. Better than running into traffic? Definitely.

So to recap, that ain’t my child in the stroller.

That photo is actually a new stroller ad for Bugaboo.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 10.42.18 PM

I guess this marketing campaign targets hot model moms who like to run in swimwear.

If they debut a stroller for moms that speed walk like Billy Crystal and comes with a straight jacket mechanism to keep crazy toddlers from escaping, well, then they should contact me. Because I would totally be interested in that stroller.

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