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I’m not a huge fan of horses. It’s not really their fault. I just find them gigantic and I would prefer if they would stand still like statues.

My mother and sister adore horses and are great riders. I’m the kid who tried to learn to ride, fell off and thought maybe I’d taking acting classes instead.

But of course, my 10 year old daughter Dylan inherited this passion for horses. Over the weekend, we participated in a Mitzvah Day which is a day of service and giving back to the community. I took Dylan and her sister Summer to a horse rescue farm. It’s an incredible place that rescues and finds homes for old racing horses and horses that have been abused.

As soon as we arrived, I tried to find the espresso bar (which apparently horse farms don’t have). Instead, a volunteer coordinator told me to sign the waiver so that if we got “kicked, bitten or stomped on” by one of the untrained horses, the farm wouldn’t be liable.

Even as I signed it, I knew I would totally sue because I’ve been obsessively watching old seasons of The Good Wife and I know you can get any legal document thrown out of court. Especially when you are forced to sign without even being supplied with a morning espresso.

During the volunteer training, the coordinator taught my kids words like “douche bag” and “a–hole” when describing horses we should stay away from. Got it. And then she told us more than I ever need to know about a horse and her period.

Then the volunteering began and we started by raking up horse poop (which curiously doesn’t really smell) and then brushing the horses. Here’s Summer who is afraid of dogs but apparently not animals that are much much bigger than dogs….

horses - summer


horse - 3 of us

That horse is wearing something to protect his eyes from flies. He apparently can see through it. Plus I think we can all agree it’s very chic. As to why he’s standing in our wheel barrow, you’d have to ask him.

Of course I kept getting all fidgety and nervous every time one of the animals started stomping around and acting too horse-like. But my daughter Dylan absolutely loved it…

horse - dylan and horse

There is something so amazing about a child connecting with a passion. Because they light up in a way you didn’t even know was possible. Horses might not be my love. But it’s her thing. And in the end, that makes it my thing too.

7 Responses to the day i picked up horse poop for my kids (because volunteer work is really important)

  • Steph says:

    “acting too horse-like” woman, you crack me up! and good job supporting your children’s passion. now, have your espresso:)

  • Nancy Walton says:

    This is one of my all-time favorite of your posts, Kelcey. You are such a good mom for seeing what Dylan’s passion is, and the photos are great!

    • Whitley Wilson says:

      Hey Nancy! I was born and raised in Columbia #boonebaby and have worked on many farms in the mid mo area. I also barrel race in my pass time and really looking for a job so I can pay my entry fees (and bills!). I know you have a farm around here and was wondering if I could pick up some side work cleaning stalls or excersizing your herd. Please get back to me @573 808 7054. Thanks!

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