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On Friday morning, I was invited by V8 to check out their new energy drink (made of fruit, vegetables and green tea).

This is not your old school V8 vegetable juice. You know, the one your mom used to pour on your dogs when they got sprayed by skunks, in the hopes of getting rid of the smell. (Or was that just my mom?!)

V8 V-Fusion +Energy is super yummy.  I tried the Pomegranate Blueberry and it was fabulous. (No high fructose corn syrup or artificial dyes but it does have the artificial sweeter Splenda.)

And then they offered me a manicure, shoe shine and shoulder massage. Seriously.

V8 back massage

Padma Lakshmi, the host of Top Chef, was also there…

V8 Padma and Kelcey

Is it me or do I look bloated?

I had the chance to ask her a few questions but first she had to show me how to use the voice memo feature on my iPhone so I could record the interview. That’s right. This gorgeous model, actress, author, chef, blah blah blah also had to one up me in the technology department.

I put my feelings of inferiority aside and asked her a few questions about something that can make many of us crazy… kids and eating!  Like how come so many kids only want chicken nuggets and pizza?

She explained that in Indian culture, they expose children to spices much earlier.

“I always just pureed whatever we were eating. I think it’s hard for kids to transition from really bland baby food to adult food and that’s why they all of a sudden become picky because they are not used to eating anything that has taste so it’s overstimulating for them.”

And she had some tips on dinner time. She advised not becoming a short order cook. “You don’t want to get in the habit of being a restaurant and saying, ‘What would you like?’ and ‘What would you like?'”

Oh my gosh, Padma! I would never do that! Okay, I might. Like every day.

She said, cook one meal and if a certain kid doesn’t like it, he or she can have something else very simple and nutritious like a hard boiled egg and banana.

Padma also recommended that when you do cook, cook enough for a second meal so you can easily reheat at another time.

I thanked her for her culinary wisdom, jugged down the rest of my V8 and headed home.

So are you in NYC on Sunday?

The V8 V-Fusion bus will be making stops around the city, handing out their new drinks and offering free shoulder massages, manicures and shoe shines.  They are hoping this will give you the boost you need to get everything done in just 23 hours, since you’re losing one hour to Daylight Savings.

Here are the V8 V-Fusion bus stops on Sunday, March 10th in Manhattan…

10 AM – Noon: Union Square Park

1 PM – 3 PM: Columbus Circle

4 PM – 6 PM: Times Square.

So enjoy! And if you have questions about your iPhone 5, contact Padma. She’s your gal.

This post was sponsored by V8.

2 Responses to the day i tried the new V8 energy drink + padma from top chef taught me how to use my iPhone

  • I was adamant not to have a picky eater so the Bunny was introduced to all sorts of weird stuff very early on. I know have a baby girl who will eat olives, feta cheese, fish, lightly spicy meals, etc… and who won’t go near peanut butter, egg or carrots.
    I think you just can’t win!

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