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So there seems to be a lot of interest in this…

So I’m just going to come right out and tell you…

It’s completely natural.

What?! You don’t believe me? Jeesh.

One West Coast mama wants to know if this streaky hair thing is all the rage in New York City. I don’t think so. I just kind of like it this way.

If I’m going to spend the money to have it professionally highlighted, I don’t want it to look all I-was-born-with-this-hair. Now what would be the point of that?

Anyway, me and my cool or maybe not-so-cool hair were supposed to be on a local New York news station tomorrow to talk about my fave eco gifts for mother’s day. I don’t get paid by these companies. I just think they’re green and awesome. I was going to talk about cool stuff from Organic Style, nunu chocolates, eco-artware, Grounds for Change, Parducci, Joy by Mel Lim, Toby + Rei and Gardenia Organic.

But then me and my artificial hair and all my eco wit got dumped.

I was sad. But I get it. That’s showbiz. Segments get changed. When I was a booker/associate producer way back in my youthful twenties, I had to frequently cancel guests. Maybe it’s TV karma coming around to me.

I used to make ridiculous requests. I once had to ask a sickly guest if he could wear his oxygen tank only during the commercials because it would.. uh… look better on television if he didn’t have tubes coming out of his nose. Seriously. The poor guy was just trying to breathe. And I asked another frequent guest if she could please not wear the same orange down vest for the third time in a row. Did she perhaps own something… well… ANYTHING else?

Yes. Obviously karma.

But I picked myself up and headed to WFUV public radio today. I, along with two other super sassy bloggers, One of those Horrible Moms and Mommy Knows Breast….

was interviewed about raising kids in New York City. We talked about breastfeeding on the subway, letting your kids pee between cars and whether you should put your child in a taxi without a car seat. You can hear it all in the New York area this Saturday at 7:30 AM on 90.7 FM or via the web. Maybe if I can get my bad ass tech self together, I’ll put the webcast on the mama bird diaries.

As for me… now I kind of want my own radio show.

Of course, then no one could see my freaky, streaky hair.

mama bird notes

Thanks to New York City Moms Blog, my piece on plastic sugery, “Don’t Judge the Mommy Makeover” got picked up by newspapers all over the country including… the Miami Herald, the Modesto Bee and the News & Observer!

Contributing mama Daphne Biener is back in Colorado and has another humorous tale about life with her girls. Warning… you will crave brownies after reading this.

Have some ideas of great vacation spots in the United States? A mama could use your help. Click on askamama and share your brilliance.

Speaking of vacations, what’s your idea of the perfect holiday? Click on the poll and give us your opinion. And here are the results from our most recent poll…

You just won a free week long trip to London! Your hubby is staying home with the kids. So which gal pal are you taking along for your vacation? The Brit comes out big and these days Hillary is even getting beaten by Marsha Brady and Lauren Conrad. Oh Hillary, I’d holiday with you! Here are the results… Victoria Beckham (35%), Marsha Brady (18%), Lauren Conrad of “The Hills” (15%), Chelsea Clinton (12%), Hillary Clinton (11%) and Diane Sawyer (9%).

FINALLY…our mother’s day giveaway! Leave a comment on the mama bird diaries this week and you are entered to win this Lavender and Eucalyptus Bath Spa Kit from Organic Style. $80 value. I wish I could give one to every mum out there. This organic set combines the aromatherapy benefits of relaxing and soothing lavender with rejuvenating and refreshing eucalyptus. Doesn’t that sound just lovely?

33 Responses to the day i got dumped

  • Jordana says:

    Congrats on having the blog article (what's the correct term?? Blogicle??) getting picked up in print! How exciting!!

  • CaliKim says:

    If you seriously want a show on the radio, I have some PULL with a podcast station in San Francisco. Let me know…I'd love to have you on (We'll I don't run the place, But I would sure see what I could do)!!! You could even listen to it online while in the comforts of your New York home!!

  • Jennifer H says:

    My hair is like that! So either we're both very cool, or neither of us are. My stylist/colorist tells me it's what I should be doing with my hair.

    Too bad about the segment. Grr. But congratulations on the success of your story!

  • Jessi says:

    Congratulations on having your work in print all over the US! So cool!!

    I'm also a streaker – mine are red and blonde on dark brunette. (And I mean, fire engine red – and I love it!)

  • Erin says:

    Congrats on getting your article picked up! You rock as always. I hope you do get your own radio show as long as I can listen via web way out west.

  • Memarie Lane says:

    When I was still in CA that look was big there too. I used to keep one chunk of my hair bleached and I'd dye it with different temporary colors.

    From that lineup I'd definitely go with Hillary. Everyone else would be too immature or snooty or both. I think Hillary would be a blast to hang out with.

  • sam says:

    i can TOTALLY see you with your own radio show, perfect! also, congrats on your piece being picked up, you rock! i thought it was a very intelligent and insightful look at the body issues us mamas are faced with. as for hair, i AM trying to go for the natural look but i can never quite pull it off. maybe i need to rethink the whole thing…

  • mackbeth says:

    Love the hair! I will color my grays forever – no way are those bad boys going to show! BTW, if anyone is going on holiday with Victoria Beckham they need to have katie Holmes tag along!

  • Aimee says:

    I love your hair! (and your clothes) You totally look like a hip NYC mom!

    btw are you going to the blogher event with TJmax and Chocolate?

  • mp says:

    Hell yeah! Enter me for the spa thing kit.

    I was going to have her do my hair similar to that and I thought I was too old.. but you are older than 20 and it looks good on you..I'm rethinking..

  • Francesca says:

    OK, fine. It was me. I wanted to know about Kelcey's hair. Mostly because here in Venice Beach California I haven't seen the streaks. So now I understand, Kelcey is making a statement and setting trends. I dig that. The oxygen tank business. That's one of the worst I've ever heard Kelcey. Can you say mortified?

  • ErinB says:

    Girlfriend- you can do it all. blogging, newspaper, radio, tv, the cover of working woman magazine….limitless!! congrats on the article getting picked up – so proud of you!! :-} xo

  • Kristen M says:

    Congratulations on your article being picked! Yippee! I too love the picture of you with the headphones on. Congrats again!

  • Diana says:

    I love your hair! It’s kickass! And you should totally have your own radio show… just make sure it’s also on-line!

  • I love the hair!

    I just realized after seeing your comment that I am venturing to NY in June and then NYC for a weekend with my girls, so tell me about the car seat and taxi thing.

    I did no car seat in a taxi in Mexico once, but it was a sleepy island.

    I would LOVE to hear the webcast!

  • Madmad says:

    I was cracking up about the things we do for the news bit… I remember those days – even my first dead body, was like "Oh, cool!" as opposed to now, where I'd probably cry or something… Oh well. Congrats on the article!

  • Tully's Mama says:

    Just stop. This whole media blitz has me spinning. I love the hair, love the publicity and can't believe you are so celeb. It rocks. I had to read the pieces in each newspaper just to make sure they didn't change something. While in San Francisco I had Tully in her car seat, in a taxi and was able to breastfeed her (it's called lift the breast up and over the side and yes, the driver saw it all) to keep her from screaming while the poor man maneuvered the taxi up and down the craziness that is the San Fran streets. It worked. I stepped out of the cab as if I hadn't been completely mortified (not to mention the driver) and Tully slept through dinner while I dined at a tres fab restaurant with friends.

  • feener says:

    i am trying to listen to the interview. i would love to be entered in the contest. feener44atgmaildotcom

    i have a giveaway as well !!!

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