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My two older daughters (age 6 and 8) are obsessed with The Brady Brunch which is fine by me because it’s sweet to watch a 60’s housewife married to a darling gay man.

It airs on INSP network which is some kind of inspiration network originally founded by Christian televangelist Jim Bakker but I pretended it was founded by Alice the housekeeper.

I don’t know who is watching The Brady Bunch besides my daughters but clearly TV executives think a lot of older people are because many of the ads are directed at seniors. My girls now know more about reverse mortgages, medical alert bracelets and AARP auto insurance than kids in middle school!

And then one day my daughter Dylan said to me…

“Does daddy want to lose weight?”

“I think he would love to lose a few pounds if he can. Why?” I asked.

“Because I saw this exercise machine commercial during The Brady Brunch and one woman lost 80 pounds and I just thought daddy would want to know about it in case he wants to buy it.”

“Hmmm… I don’t think he’s looking to lose 80 pounds but I’ll totally tell him. I really wish you girls would fast forward through the commercials.”

“We don’t want to miss any of the show.”

“Alright, well then keep me updated on the reverse mortgages.”

mama bird diaries:

A few things to tell you about…  as you may know, I write for Lifetime Moms. And they want you to know about the debut of their new show Double Divas. It premieres on Lifetime tonight at 10 EST.  It follows two hilarious boob whisperers who help any and all women with their intimate apparel needs. And thankfully, you don’t have to have big breasts to watch it. I’ll be tuning in.

I’m currently also working with Luvs and we are looking for the funniest mom of the week! If it’s you, you’ll win a month worth of free diapers (to keep or give away!). Just check out their funny new video campaign featuring 1st and 2nd time moms.  Leave a comment here or tweet me @mamabirddiaries how you acted differently with your 1st kid vs. your 2nd kid.

Like maybe you created a gorgeous baby book for your first kid and your second kid gets your shutterfly login info instead. Or maybe your first kid ate only organic snacks and your second kid eats whatever he can find wedged between the minivan seats. Tell us how your parenting has changed and you might just be The Mama Bird Diaries/ Luvs Funniest Mom of the Week. Good luck!

9 Responses to the brady bunch. it’s not just my life. it’s also a tv show.

  • “Boob whisperers” lol – We saw the preview for that during Dance Moms on Tuesday night and my daughters were like “OMG boobs can grow to be that big!?” and I said “I had no idea either” as I’m a 32AAAAAAA and am still wearing my JCPenny training bra from 1981.

  • Brittni B. says:

    In theory, 2 kids sounded like an adorable idea. They’d play together, bond, take care of me when I was old & gray (like 45)…in actuality, my poor baby boy has gotten more than his share of the short end of the stick. Quite different from my daughter being fed organic purees grown in our home garden and being photographed extensively with my new 35mm deluxe photographer’s camera, my son dined on the McRib at 8 months and can gloat that he has his very own pic folder on my iPhone called “Roman-The Wonder Years.”

    But I’d have to say the worst part of keeping track of a toddler and an infant at the same time is, doggonit, that I just keep losing the second one! Since he’s started crawling, in the blink of an eye, my son can simply disappear. Whether I’ve turned my back to put my daughter on the potty, or simply looked away to get a fork out of a drawer, I’m missing one. This kid has the speed of a doped up Olympic cyclist. On good days, I pat myself on the back and assure myself that I’m fostering his independence. On bad days, well…ah hell…he’s gone again…nevermind.

  • The difference between my 1st and 2nd? Really? I can’t even remember. But I do know the difference between my 1st and my 6th. I worried about my 1st. I never worry about my 6th. Also? I frequently forget her middle name.

  • Jenny says:

    You are not alone! My 9-year-old daughter LOVES Brady Bunch as well as Gilligan’s Island. I wish I could get Eight Is Enough on Netflix or Amazon or Hulu or something, too. I’m pretty sure my daughter has a crush on Peter Brady, which is funny because people are always telling me my husband looks like a grown-up Peter Brady!

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