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I think I may be in danger of having to rename this blog The Mama TV Diaries. Maybe I should focus more on parenthood. But before I mention my girls, can I talk about the Oscars for a minute?

Rick and I almost didn’t see the Academy Awards because of a fight between Cablevision (our cable company) and ABC. WABC pulled its signal from the air on Sunday morning and things did not look promising.

As it got closer to showtime, Rick and I were pretty bitter. Now being married to Rick is like being married to a spoiler alert. The guy is incredible at picking the Oscar winners. We used to win bags of money at our friends’ Oscar parties.  But for some reason, we don’t get a lot of invites anymore.

So since we couldn’t watch the awards on TV this year, he just told me all the winners. I tried to get him to act out the Neil Patrick Harris opening musical number but apparently my husband has his limits.

Thankfully, 20 minutes into the show, ABC put the Oscars back on the air.  We were thrilled despite the fact that we missed some kind of super awkward Kathy Ireland moment on the red carpet. But we still had plenty of time to wonder why Demi Moore had such a great seat. I actually love Demi Moore but did “GI Jane 2” come out or something?  What was she doing in like the 3rd row?

I’m so glad I didn’t miss the tribute to John Hughes. Because I love every John Hughes movie and because Judd Nelson was clearly making a silent public plea for help. Let’s all work together to get that guy a makeover or a job or a brush or something.

Messy hair was definitely in. So were movies that I haven’t seen. I’ve only seen two movies in the past year: “The Hangover” and “It’s Complicated” and neither was nominated. “The Hangover” should obviously have won Best Picture. And as my friend Meredith pointed out, “It’s Complicated” was a shoo-in for Best Awkward Middle Aged Sex Scene. Such a better category than Sound Editing.

As far as I’m concerned, it was Sandra Bullock’s night. She looked fabulous with her sassy, shiny locks and I’ve always thought it was a travesty that she didn’t win an Oscar for “Speed.” And Kathryn Bigelow beat out her ex-husband James Cameron for Best Director. Go girl power.

Ok enough of the Oscars. Back to my kids. In the words of Ryan Bingham, who picked up an Oscar for Best Original Song, Dylan and Summer… “I love you more than rainbows.”

I have no idea what that means exactly but it sure sounds sweet.

22 Responses to the big oscar scare

  • So glad you got your WABC back. I admit to not being too concerned as I was able to turn into the locat CT affiliate. Though as the word got out that WABC was back on I was happy to be able to switch to the HD… I was bored last night and not terribly impressed, at least with the beginning which explains why I fell asleep and missed all the good stuff. They were keeping tab on all of Jame’s exs… I think they were all there!

  • kristen says:

    i just didn’t need to see so much naked Alec, otherwise, It’s Complicated would have been my pick too.

    What happened to Molly Ringwald? Was she just super nervous or has the botox not relaxed yet? And poor Judd Nelson…my friend and I just laughed…I mean, he was so hot in the Breakfast Club, right?

    I was underwhelmed by the dresses and downright scared by Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress…what the heck was that anyway?

    Now I guess I have to see The Hurt Locker, although my favorite was Up In the Air.

    If you and Rick want, you are invited to Los Angeles for next year’s Oscar night. My girl will entertain your girls and while we won’t actually be at the show, the town we’re moving to is only about 20 miles from the theater, so really it’s like we’re there. xx

  • Mo says:

    So rainbows are in second place?

    When we last moved we got everything into the new house (with family help) and our priority was getting the TV set up for X-factor that night.

    *power cut*

    Yep, our first night in our new house and we had no lights, no heating and no damn TV! We were bitter.

  • abby says:

    As you know, I don’t go to temple because I worship at the shrine of Sandra. Speed is and always will be my favorite movie. I even remember watching Siskel and Ebert giving it huge thumbs up and then discussing its brilliance again a few weeks later. Now that’s I’ve embarrassed myself, turns out I knew the father of Mark Boal and I also thought Molly Ringwald waa wayyyy too botoxed!!! But Demi-damn, girl, who does your face because it’s amazing!!!!

  • Becky says:

    By far the scariest point in the night was when I thought you wouldn’t be ON TWITTER because you couldn’t watch the Oscars.

    I would rather not relive that moment EVER AGAIN!

    So fun to “watch” them with you…

  • Caren Solomon Bharwani says:

    That John hughes tribute was a real 40y/o eye opener. I was thinking the whole time how aged they all looked —and not in a good way. And then it dawned on me that I guess that us children of the John Hughes era are getting older right along side them. I want all of those stars to stay 16.

  • Oz says:

    Sandra’s hair was amazing. I have serious locks envy. And that dress! If I were to ever be nominated for an Oscar for some category that has yet to be created, I want to wear something slinky and sparkly like that. I wonder if I can get away with wearing it for daycare drop off. Hmmm….

  • Deb says:

    You missed NPH dancing in a sparkly tuxedo. The song was a long masturbation joke titled “No one wants to do it alone” that ended by calling Baldwin and Martin a “bigger pair than Dolly Parton.” or something like that. So, maybe You Tube that? Or not.

  • Stephanie (Tyler's Mom) says:

    Kathy Ireland was a HOT MESS! She is terrible on the red carpet but so were most of the people they had “interviewing” the stars as they arrived. Kathryn Bigelow’s acceptance speech got a little kooky at the end when she started to thank HazMat and other people in the line of service/protection. Really, HazMat?!?! They’ll be second on my list, right after thanking Jesus! LOL

  • scrappysue says:

    i heart sandra b too – she’s my all time fave actress. i even googled helga, her mum, who used to be opera singer! no longer with us 🙁

    when do we get to see baby bump pics!!! (just askin’…)

  • I never actually see the movies before the Oscars. But then the only movies I’ve seen in the theater in the past couple of years have been New Moon and Sex & the City. So yeah – a couple of nights out with my neighborhood moms group.

  • Cyn says:

    So glad you got to see most of the show!

    And Judd “Bender” Nelson has apparently had too many trans-fatty chicken pot pies and not enough mirror time.

  • misty says:

    Sweet it does, but all I could think was that maybe he was a really passionate about supporting gay rights and he wanted everyone to know. Like maybe he is straight but didn’t want to offend someone… i don’t know.

    i felt bad for these insanely beautiful people who had stylists spend hours on their hair only to get rained on and look like their hair had just survived a hurricane…

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