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Monday was Dylan’s first day of Pre-K and of course I wanted to get a snapshot of her in front of her new school. So here she is…


Well, it’s sort of hard to see Dylan. She’s actually inside the car refusing to come out. I looked around for other moms who couldn’t lure their timid kids out of their cars but it appeared I was the only one.

After much coaxing, I did finally get her into the classroom. She actually did amazingly well and because my (and mostly her) prayers were answered, no one wished her a happy birthday.

After school, Dylan finally allowed me to acknowledge that this was the day she was born. We had ordered a Cinderella cake and here it is…

belle cake

It took 2 1/2 year-old Summer less than one second to inform the bakery that this was Belle and not Cinderella. I’m guessing Belle is involved in some kind of identity theft. It’s so terribly sad when these princesses get tired of waiting for their princes and turn to a life of crime.

Turns out, Dylan thought Belle tasted just as yummy as Cinderella.

Dylan was very clear that she did not want a birthday party. Maybe some parents would be distraught about this but it’s a real money saver. Of course, I put the money we saved into her college fund and by college fund I mean my candy slush fund.

Dylan just wanted to go to her favorite restaurant at the beach. It was a gorgeous night. The kind of evening that makes you want to lick butter from the wrapper.

summer eating butter wrapper

Or maybe that’s just Summer. Like you’ve never let your kid do this. You haven’t? Oh.

And although I didn’t get the traditional photo of my daughter in front of her school or blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, I wasn’t at all disappointed.

I got this instead…

dylan on the beach

44 Responses to the big day is over

  • Stoneskin says:

    Candy slush fund, college fund, they’re pretty much the same thing. As far as I can tell the only difference is that candy slush makes you sticky and happy whereas college makes you poor and hungry.

  • Momcat says:

    Happy Birthday Dylan! She sounds like a young lady with very definite views of what she wants. The bakery needs to get a kid on their fancy cake advisory board to avoid identity mishaps. And on the school dropoff scene: a few years ago, even my son’s lovely kind teacher couldnt coax the kicking screaming crying bundle out of the car so a bit of coaxing is not too bad.

  • Are you kidding? You got a kid that DOESN’T WANT A PARTY? You hit the jackpot. Quite literally. I mean I could take our family of four to Hawaii on what a party costs here…

    Once I made the mistake of ASKING (rookie moms take note) of what theme my turning 8 yr old wanted for his party. And guess what the booger picked? ANCIENT EGYPT. WTH??? I spent weeks making hieroglyph scavenger hunts and finding EGYPTIAN entertainers. OY.

    No party? Sounds like heaven to me!!! AND she is gorgeous. I want to stay in the car too and yell NOT FAIR!!!!!


  • TRACI says:

    she is so cute, and I, just like Summer lick butter from the packs. Or the sticks. Or the tubs and on occasion I have sprayed fake butter right into my mouth.

  • Amy says:

    Leave it to a two-year-old to lick butter off the wrapper and make it seem like the most awesome-tasting thing in the world. And totally check out the cakewrecks blog, it’s hilarious…I think Belle/Cinderella would fit in there nicely. Happy Birthday, Dylan!

  • Madmad says:

    Personally, I think Dylan’s one kid who has her head on straight. I mean, really: what kid DOES want to go to school? And, those birthday parties… Yikes! They’re full of other kids! πŸ˜‰

  • I am so glad that no one wished her a happy Birthday! Alexander was a little aprehensive about school as well… took him a few days to warm up to the idea… I ADORE the picture of her on the beach.

    I’m not one for Birthday parties either. Alexnader wants one this year. We’ll have it in the back yard. Pizza, cake and games. Easy peasy and inexpensive.

    Last year the kids opted to trade in their Birthday parties for a trip to Disney. Ok, so we saved no money, but I do think they (we) all fared better in the end!

  • misty says:

    you are so funny… and I have to point out that Belle is my daughter’s favorite princess and my daughter too, has turned to a life of crime.
    She always says “Belle is the princess I am most like.”
    More than you know, Gen…

  • Pearl says:

    Wait… those little individually wrapped butter morsels are not an appetizer?

    The fact that Dylan prefers some meaningful quality time with her family to a ridiculously lavish party is obviously a sign of your good parenting.

  • Betsy says:

    We have the opposite birthday issue here. Grandma was so “kind” as to mark the 4 1/2 birthday on the calander. We had to explain several times that friends do not come over with presents for half bitrthdays.

  • Cathy says:

    it’s actually a good thing you don’t have to deal with the bday party stuff yet, b/c once it starts, it’s very hard to not do one every year. can’t believe the bakery messed up the princesses!

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    You can convert the entire family to Jehovah’s Witnesses and never celebrate another birthday or holiday…that’s a huge savings. And where is the beach in your neighborhood? Happy Birthday Dylan….last I saw you; you were still in your mommy’s belly at Jordana’s wedding.

  • mackbeth says:

    Beautiful! We had a 5th birthday on 9/8 and so far…no parties. Dylan is not alone in the world of “no parties, please”. There is a boy out west with the same sentiment.
    It does save a lot of time and money and it is magical to have a keep it in the family kind of celebration! Enjoy School, Dylan!

  • Laura says:

    As a former shy kindergartner, let me just say how lucky Dylan is to have such an understanding mom – glad it went off without a hitch! πŸ™‚ I still don’t enjoy making a big deal out of my birthdays… lol

  • Karen Bland says:

    Maybe we should cancel all future b-day parties for our kids and roll the funds into a 401K….I’ll check with Suze Orman. Loved the post!

  • Ann says:

    That’s not even Belle. They put that girl who can pop out her eyeballs on the cake.

    Remember her from Letterman?

    Happy Birthday dear Dylan! And Merry Christmas!!

  • Valerie says:

    These two most recent posts really made me smile. I’m impressed that Dylan was ok with the substitute princess. If one of my boys got Han Solo on his Star Wars cake instead of Luke Skywalker, we would have had a major melt down. Oh, and my son Landon thinks that dinner rolls are merely a butter-delivery system. Put the butter on the roll, lick it off. Put more butter on the roll, lick it off. Repeat until Mom notices…

  • Amy says:

    Too cute the first day of school shot, OF YOUR VEHICLE! Love it.

    Glad she celebrated in her own way and no doubt had a great time doing so. I would be TICKLED if all either of my daughters wanted for a party was dinner at their favorite place! Win-win.. No stressful party prep and event for me and I wouldn’t have to cook that night to boot! πŸ˜‰

  • Lanie says:

    I am so glad that the birthday went well and that you live so close to the beach!! I was painfully shy too. My mom would walk me out to play with the neighborhood kids and I still would not play. In fact, I did not really start talking until 10th grade (and now you know that you have trouble getting me to shut up . . .). XOXO

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