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Friday was my 10th anniversary and a few weeks ago, my husband and I realized that we were both secretly making wedding albums for each other.

Upon learning this information, we did what any couple in love does, we made it a competition.

Except I realized I would never win because I knew Rick was creating this stylin’ wedding album on Mac’s iPhoto and my scrapbook approach just wasn’t going to cut it in comparison. So I cleverly changed course and decided to create an album called, “The Story of Us” which started from the time we met until now. I’m not really sure who won our competition. Maybe each of you can stop by my house and weigh in.

Meanwhile, we spent our 10th anniversary attending a friend’s 40th birthday party. Since we still wanted to do something for us, we did an ice luge shot together. Except I’m not a huge fan of hard alcohol so I made them put Chardonnay down mine. I know. Classy.

Our friend (who turned 40) is in a band called “Assembly of Dust” and they performed at the party. Which of course made Rick really wish he was in a band.

And I think you’ll see from the singing he did recently when Dylan had a few friends over that he’s got some real rock star potential.

See what I mean?

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