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We all have weird things we do. Things that we may not exactly tout at cocktail parties. Instead we focus on other things. Like if I met you at a party, I might brag that I once won a typing award in high school or that I was insanely close to being on “Real World San Francisco” or that there was a time when I actually liked mock turtlenecks.Β  You would obviously be quite impressed by these things.

But I might leave out the fact that I wear my slippers in bed. Like under the covers.

I frankly don’t understand why everyone doesn’t do this. With slippers, my feet can be warm yet they don’t get claustrophobic. Yes, feet can suffer from claustrophobia.

I know because my father-in-law is a podiatrist. And he told me it’s true. Or maybe I dreamed that he said it which could be the case because right after he told me about the feet claustrophobia thing, I married my super hot 5th grade math teacher and then I turned into a mermaid. Either way, I think we have our confirmation.

I hate wearing socks to bed. My feet feel all hot and they can’t breathe. With slippers, they feel toasty and then I can easily remove them when my feet get overheated.

Now some people and I don’t want to get specific (my husband and everyone else I have ever mentioned this to) thinks this is a strange habit.

Frankly, I don’t think that anyone who sleeps with one leg under the sheets and one leg over the sheets and again, I don’t want to mention any names (my husband), should be criticizing another person’s sleep habits. I mean, how cruel is it to allow one leg to be comfy and warm under the covers and make the other leg hang out on top of the comforter, enduring terrible drafts.Β  It’s a heart breaking scenario isn’t it?!

Every morning, while one of Rick’s legs is trying to recover from another bitter cold night, I hop out of bed and always inadvertently leave my slippers under the covers. Later, when I make the bed, I obviously remove them.

However, if Rick makes the bed, he just leaves the slippers in there which gives the impression that there are two husky chipmunks living in the bottom of our bed. It kind of annoys me but not as much as pulling out the slippers and remaking the bed, so I just let the chipmunks live peacefully and go on with my day.

Personally, I don’t think of wearing slippers to bed as a strange habit. It’s just something that no one else has had the foresight to try.Β  I think of myself as sort of a slipper visionary.Β  I look forward to the day when others follow my lead and we all can sleep with warm, happy feet.


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