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My husband had Crohn’s related surgery today.  And honestly, I think he looks pretty damn good…

He’s doing ok. I mean, except for this annoying girl who’s taking pictures of him in the recovery room. Can’t a guy get a break two hours post op? No, sorry babe. Not when your wife has a blog.

I really was so happy to see Rick after waiting for hours.  At Mt. Sinai Hospital, they give you these vibrating beepers so you know when it’s time to see your loved one. It’s kind of like being at Applebees during peak hours except you never get to eat any of that scrumptious spinach and artichoke dip.

After checking Rick’s blood pressure and pain status, the nurses finally allowed him to go home. So I went to get the car and on my way, I passed one of those Nuts for Nuts carts outside.

If you don’t live in New York City, let me tell you that these carts sell the most delicious, sweet smelling mixed nuts EVER. I am not one to really crave nuts (does anyone?) but I just couldn’t help buying a bag.  I think I was trying to satisfy that hankering for spinach and artichoke dip.

These nuts have some kind of magical candy sugar coating and I couldn’t even allow myself to think of the fat content.

So I ate the whole bag.

And felt so ridiculously nauseous.

Nauseous for Nuts would be a far more appropriate name for those evil, siren carts.

On the way home, I wanted to complain to Rick about my nut nausea but you seriously can’t whine about overindulging on crappy food when your HUSBAND JUST HAD GENERAL ANESTHESIA AND SURGERY.

As for the girls… they had a fabulous day hanging out with their Bubbie (my mother-in-law).

And we all wish Rick a quick, easy recovery. We love you.

Oh and honey, PLEASE don’t let me eat any more nuts.

mama bird notes:

Contributing mama Erin Butler has written an extremely moving piece about losing her grandmother and our role as mothers. Click on contributing mamas to read more.

And last chance to win tickets to WINTUK from Cirque du Soleil at Madison Square Garden.

One mama bird reader will win 4 tickets to the December 12th show at 7:30 pm.  Just leave a comment on the mama bird diaries and tell me your best acrobatic skill.

51 Responses to that hot guy at the hospital

  • Rhea says:

    You ARE nuts.

    I’m glad Rick is ok. Glad the surgery went well. He looks amazing for having had surgery just hours before that photo. Sheesh.

  • tracey says:

    I didn’t know he had Crohn’s… That is a mean, mean disease.

    Hope his surgery recovery goes smoothly.

    Lay off the junk, ok? You’re nuts enough without it…

    …groaning myself. Sorry.

  • Terra says:

    There is NO way my hubby would let me take pictures at the hospital. (unless he was drugged and didn’t know it) – Best wishes from all of us to all of you!

  • calikim says:

    Wish I could win that but since I live 3500 miles away, I guess not. Love the Cirque!!

    Anyway, glad someone else out there loves that dip. Scrumptious!!! I had to defend Applebee’s today@ work since co-workers were calling it AppleFlea’s when I was looking their menu up online! How RUDE!! I LOVE their Bahama Mama’s…..Cheap Margaritas during happy hour….and their Southwestern Chicken Salad!!! Hey, Just cuz its a cheap chain doesn’t mean its all bad does it!?!?!

  • kristen says:

    he does look very good post-op, not my best times i have to say!

    those nuts ALWAYS make me sick – next time you think you want them, get in touch with me and i’ll talk you down, hehe.

  • lilith says:

    He looks good, post-op or not. I wish him a speedy recovery. And your older daughter is truly her father’s child. The younger one is an Olsen twin.

  • sam says:

    so glad to hear rick is ok and onto a speedy recovery. NO ONE looks that good in the hospital by the way! did you photoshop in the hospital gown and bed???

  • Jordana says:

    I actually FIND the smell of those carts a bit nauseating. My favorite is when the vendors post signe “Please don’t put your money on my nuts.”

    PS: Speedy recovery Mr. F!

  • rachel says:

    I had no idea rick was having surgery- please send him a big hug and all my love! I wish I’d known, I woulda kept you company at Sinai- that place is so boring to wait at- thank g for the Starbucks. Xo

  • Elizabeth says:

    Did Rick have the studio make up artist accompany him to surgery? How does he have so much color in his face and a twinkle in his eye? Here’s to a speedy recovery. At this point my most acrobatic skill is that I can touch my toes but I am fairly certain that I could learn a thing or two at Cirque. Oh, I can hold a two year old on one hip while leaning in to retrieve something from the depths of the back seat while simultaneously keeping my eyes on the other two kids on the sidewalk. Is that acrobatic?

  • Robyn says:

    I hope Rick is feeling better VERY soon — although he doesn’t even look like he’s had surgery!

    I’ve had those nuts and they are irresistible. And nauseating. Such an enigma, those nuts.

  • shay says:

    Quick and painless recovery to your hubby and Nuts? On a cart? Wow!
    I don’t generally like stuff like that but with the way I’ve been eating lately, I’d probably eat them…all. sigh!

  • zaydie says:

    Wishing Rick a speedy recovery. Kelcey did you try the cashews? Oh by the way, is Rick’s whole family as cute as him?

  • Ok, Rick looks better after surgery than I do on my best days. Here are some get well vibes for him!

    And nuts sound absolutely delicious–so good in fact that I just called hubby to ask him to get me some. He said “Right-I should put our nation’s defense on hold because you want nuts.” Not very nice at all…

  • ErinB says:

    glad to hear all went well yesterday..with Rick that is…you my friend, what were you thinking with those nuts? has holiday madness gone to your head already? speedy recovery for your hubby…and you too :-}

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    The reason Rick looks so good and happy is that you entered his room in one of those tight fitting, very short and very low cut Nurse’s Uniforms, worn by the likes of the porn stars making X-rated movies. I hope you visited other patients also and spread the cheer. Keep eating those nuts; you’ll end up in the hospital bed also.

  • misty says:

    my husband craves nuts, but maybe an impromptu trip to NYC, and a purchase of nauseating nuts would be key to nipping this addiction??? (just a thought…)

    Speedy recovery, rick!

  • Cathy says:

    I hope Rick has a quick recovery. My dad is from Southern Italy, and his family makes those kind of nuts–you cook them in a sugar solution. You definitely can’t eat just one!

  • magpie says:

    Um, I can balance on one foot?

    Poor husband – I hope all’s well soon. And I know that nut smell…I walk past one of those carts every. single. day.

  • Aimee says:

    don’t even get me started on the NUTS! God that smell! The worst part is eating them and thinking about the stinky man picking his nose who sold it to you!

    Hope the hubby is 100% real soon!

  • They had those nuts at a mall kiosk in San Diego right after I had my second baby and I insisted on going there everyday because I needed the nutrition of the candy-coating for breastfeeding.

    Has the FDA every looked into the ingredients of that candy coating? I’m convinced it’s laced with crack.

  • Megan says:

    Feel better Rick! I think I’ll have to take a trip in to NYC to get a bag of those delicious nuts now that you’ve got me drooling over them. I’d love to see you and your family too!

  • Pearl says:

    Your husband is such a good sport! I would NOT have allowed my spouse to photograph me and post the picture on the internet after just having surgery. But then again, I dont think I am as cute as Rick 🙂

  • Tully's Mama says:

    Again Aunt Marcia takes the cake with the comment. God love her. Good to know your husband is totally fine and recovered. How did you get him to authorize the use of his likeness for your blog? Oh, that’s right. The naughty nurse outfit.

  • Molly says:

    Oh man. Ok, I totally just found your blog but I have to comment. I live on the UWS. I’m allergic to nuts. and yet EVERYTIME I pass Nuts4Nuts (conveniently parked RIGHT outside my college) I want to eat them alllllll. Doesn’t matter that I haven’t had a nut since I was about 2, or that if I eat one I’ll blow up like a parade float. They smell SO GOOD.

  • calikim says:

    Oh, I forgot to give you my acrobatic skills. I can put my ankles behind my head, I can do the splits, I can bend over backwards…..and do a bridge. AND I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue….not to mention touch my nose with it. And that is all TOTALLY true by the way. I can send pix!

  • Portia says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery Rick….let me asure you that you make one hot patient. Next time try Hackensack University Medical Center…Ask for me…I’ll be waiting…LOL Kelcey…lay off the nuts and pick me!!

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