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This weekend I was oh-so-lucky to be invited to a brunch celebrating women in digital media. It was hosted by a bunch of super smart women like Dina Kaplan of blip.tv and Celia Chen of Notes on a Party. Major girl power at this shindig.

As soon as I arrive, everyone seems to be talking about this C-E-S. As I move in and out of conversations, I hear, “I am so exhausted from C-E-S.” “I had so much fun at C-E-S.” Yada. C-E-S. Yada. And I’m thinking, W-H-A-T? Finally, I get up the gumption to ask someone. Turns out it’s a Consumer Electronics Show. Oh. Kind of anti-climatic because I was sort of hoping it was an all female undercover crime fighting unit or something. But new electronics. That’s cool too. I guess.

On the very low tech side of things, a little water spilled on my cell phone and it crashed. Ok, it fell in a tub of water. More widely known as a toilet. A public toilet. With urine in it. Thankfully, MY urine. Yes, I fished it out. Wouldn’t you? I can’t believe that Dylan Summer I did that. Yes, I had the phone in my back pocket. Well, NOW I know it’s not very smart to keep it there.

So I, with the two girls in tow, make a visit to the cell phone store today. I’m in the middle of the transaction when 3 year-old Dylan says, “I have to poop.” I basically ignore this statement, hoping it will just go away. Then Dylan starts setting up her portable potty in the middle of the store (she really likes this portable thing and apparently, she really needs to poop). I’m all about convenience but this does strike me as a tad inappropriate so I ask the store clerk if they have a bathroom. This is New York. So, of course, the answer is no. He says, it’s too dirty for a child to use. I highly doubt it’s worse than any Starbucks bathroom in the city but no time to get into it with this man who has my cell phone destiny in his hands.

So, I leave the clerk with my new phone so he can do his activating, sim card techy thing and I head outside with Dylan, Summer and the potty. Girlfriend goes number 2, in her potty, on congested 7th avenue and 14th street. Does anyone care? This is New York. So, of course, no. Dylan finishes and says, “I’m just like (our dog) Martini.” Yes, honey, you poop on the sidewalk like Martini. Evidently, I’m raising Dylan to be a dog.

When we return, I say to the store clerk, “So I bet that’s the first time someone left your store for a few minutes so they could go poop.” He replies, “no, it’s the second.” Oh, right, I forgot. This is New York.

mama bird notes

First, my apologies. There have been some problems with my feed service and I’m sorry if you were notified about old, so over, been-there-done-that posts. I’m trying really, really, really hard (with the help of savvy computer professionals) to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Just a reminder about this week’s stylin’ mama bird giveaway. In order to enter to win the cool, free stuff:

1. Comment on the mama bird diaries this week.

2. Send a mama bird post to a friend. Cool mamas don’t spam so don’t worry, you aren’t selling out your gal pals. Just click on the pink “send to a friend” box at the bottom of this post and follow the directions from there.

One oh-so-lucky mama bird fan will win ALL of the following…

A super cute kid’s t-shirt from Little Green Star. You show them who has the coolest kid on the block with a “My dad recycles more than your dad” t-shirt. Size: 4T. So green and groovy for your offspring or makes a terrific gift.


This yummy peppermint set, from Butterfly Buggas, includes everywhere spray, all natural handmade soap, whipped body butter and a body pouf. It’s all made by one creative, talented mama and smells simply divine.


“Daughter of the Bride” by Francesca Segrè. This truly entertaining novel is based on Franchesca’s real life experience as the daughter of the bride. This girl (29 and single at the time) walked into bridal salons with her mother and had to explain that her MOTHER was the one shopping for the big white dress.


Herbal Serenity Show of Hands Instant Manicure. By January, my hands are so crazy dry. Lotion alone just doesn’t do it. But this exfoliating scrub leaves hands soft, smooth and moisturized. Just ask beauty mama Alex. She’s a fan too.


And a Sephora metallic make-up bag. Color: silver. The perfect way to carry your make-up essentials and it’s thin enough to throw in practically any purse. It’s also great as an evening clutch. Throw in your keys, phone, cash and credit card, wave goodbye to the babysitter and you are off.


So good luck birdies!

16 Responses to tech time

  • Jen says:

    I almost didn’t get to finish reading your “poop story” because my toddler had to do a number. So funny Kelc! 🙂

  • Kristen says:

    okay.. so many questions for you but the only one I really want to know is did you tell the phone guy where your cell was?

  • impressed mama says:

    I am impressed by Dylan’s ability to go #2 in public places. While travelling in a third world county I did not go for five days because I was way to grossed out by the conditions of the bathrooms and the lack of privacy. Way to go Dylan!

  • rachel says:

    That was so friggin funny. A little advice to any other moms who drop their phones in the can (and I know this from experience and it really works)…take the battery out and put both phone and battery in a glass filled with rice. The rice will literally suck all the moisture out of the phone and save all your digits, emails, etc. It will probably short out a few days or weeks later (mine did) , but the crises can be averted for a few days at least. Neat mommy trick!

  • Abby Siegel says:

    I sometimes put my phone in my back pocket and I am terrified it will fall into the toilet! I could solve the problem by keeping the phone in the purse but why make life easier? I live in New York!

  • Tommy-Tom says:

    Now that this is a recurring theme, have you considered a product promo deal with whomever makes the port-o-potty? Could there be a better live-from-new york salesperson than Dylan? Just wondering.

  • Shannon says:

    Oooo I was lucky enough to be a tag-along at a CES convention once w/this guy I datetd…It was cool. Kinda wish I hadn’t ditched them (convention and guy) early to hit the spa…

    Naaa. The spa was better. 😉

  • izzy's mama says:

    That is quite an image you have conjured up. We used to take ours to the park but I think Izzy only used it once, though he certainly didn’t mind trees once he learned how to go standing up.

    You are so lucky that Dylan is so willing. What a trooper. When I was potty training Izzy we went away for the weekend to stay at a friend’s house. He refused to go in the toilet there..afraid of foreign toilets which created another sort of issue for us.

  • Kelsey Johnson says:

    My mother-in-law recently told of her visit to a foreign country and she had to go to the bathroom standing up. Eek! I think perhaps she went into the wrong door!

  • Kimberly says:

    i still don’t get the whole pooping in the middle of the street thing! i moved to the burbs just in time for potty training thank goodness!

  • Jessi says:

    The funniest thing I have read in a long time. Talking to a friend of mine on the phone while reading it – I guess I was snorting I was laughing so hard b/c my girlfriend made sure she told me 😉
    Thanks for the great laughs today!

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