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I’m writing a book about how to have a successful marriage. Well, actually I’m not. But I figured you would take me more seriously if I was a soon to be published author. So just pretend.

Everyone knows that communication is one of the secrets of a successful marriage. And Rick and I are totally making that happen.

At about 7:50 this morning, I got home from the gym and as we rushed to get the girls ready for school I said to my husband…

“So what do you think about this situation in Afghanistan?”

“What?” he says a bit bleary eyed.

“I mean, it seems like a lose lose situation for Obama. If he sends 40,000 new troops, everyone calls it the next Vietnam. If he doesn’t, he’s soft on terrorism. Don’t you think? I mean, what is the guy supposed to do?”

“Why are we discussing Afghanistan right now? Don’t we have other things we should be talking about?” he asks.

I guess he gets enough Afghanistan analysis at his TV day job.

“What’s wrong with Afghanistan?  What do you want to talk about? Health care? Gossip Girl? David Letterman’s libido?”

“How about the Phillies? They’re in the playoffs. Look, there’s Brad Lidge on the front page of the Times.”

“Yeah, well, that’s cool. Alright, I’m taking the girls to school.”

And thus ends, another successful morning of communicating. You should try this at home.

mama bird notes:

Having a baby can put serious stress on a marriage. Just ask contributing mama Erin Butler. So she is giving dating a try.  Click on contributing mamas to read more.

I want to wish my sister Quinn a very happy 30th birthday today. If she wasn’t so cool and fabulous and divine, I would hate her for being so young. Happy Birthday girl. We love you! XO

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