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(This is a sponsored post for AMAZE. AMAZE is all about making sex education less awkward. Trust me, you need to know about this.)

Way back when I had my first little baby – I knew that SOME DAY, I would have to have “the talk.” That talk where parents feel uncomfortable and kids look shocked as they try to absorb some pretty crazy information about how they were created.

But this talk was way off in the distance. Nothing to be worried about since I was so focused on important parental details like… How the hell does this breast pump work? Why are people glaring at me when I give my baby a pacifier? And will I ever sleep again?

But about two seconds later, my oldest daughter was almost 10 and I knew it was time. I had purchased two books about where babies come from (by the way, no mention of how tequila can play a role).  While some parents might view these books as a conversation starter, I viewed them as “doing the job for me.”

I read one of the books, answered a whole bunch of questions and declared myself a great mom! The talk was over and now my daughter could grow into a healthy, informed adult.

Except it wasn’t over. In parenthood, it’s never over.

Turns out, there isn’t one talk. There are many talks! It needs to be an open, ongoing conversation. Because kids need to learn way more than the definition of sex. They need to be educated about puberty, how to prevent pregnancies (long before they are faced with a sexual situation) and they need to learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Because if you don’t talk to them about this stuff – they are still going to seek out the information. From their favorite celebrity YouTuber. Or their friends. Or some anonymous chat group.

Panicking yet?

Don’t. Because just like those books that help explain why sometimes mommy and daddy need alone time in their bedroom, with the lights out, the door locked and a little soft jazz playing in the background, there is a fabulous resource called AMAZE.


AMAZE seriously takes the awkward out of sex ed. On the site, you’ll find fun, humorous animated videos that give kids (ages 10 and up) all the info about sex, their bodies and relationships. And we all know, KIDS LOVE VIDEOS. So use it to your advantage.

AMAZE is like having the best wingman ever in teaching your kids about all this sex stuff. I love a wingman. So when you’re ready to teach your kids about birth control, a video like this can really help…

The Amaze Facebook page is also a great resource. So go on over there and see what they are posting. And here are some other helpful links…

This post is sponsored by Amaze. All ideas are my own. 



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