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So Summer kind of had a lame first day of school on Monday…

Pretty much because her first day was actually Tuesday.

Summer really took the schedule change in stride, mostly because she can’t read a calendar.  I took her to the playground instead but she didn’t want to get out of the car.

“Honey, we’re at the playground. Let’s go.”

“No, I want to go home and see my purple princess toothbrush.”

“Sweetheart, we’ll see it later. Look, a slide. Swings. Sand.”

“I want to go home and see my purple princess toothbrush.”

“But it’s a PLAYGROUND. We’ll have fun and then we’ll go home and see that toothbrush.”

“No, I want to go now.”

Oh f-ck it. Let’s go see the toothbrush. What do I care? It’s not like I was going on the swings.

So while Summer has been spending time with her toothbrush, Dylan has been making a new friend at school.

A very sweet, adorable 5 year-old girl named Sally.

Who asked me if I was pregnant.

So I laughed and said no. But Sally was undeterred and said, “But your belly looks like you’re pregnant.”

And I tried to explain to sweet, adorable Sally that when a woman has a couple kids, her belly might stick out a little, especially after she’s eaten a big ass turkey sandwich for lunch. (Must avoid mammoth sandwiches to avoid being heckled by preschoolers.)

Then my two girls, my non-prego belly and I went over to Sally’s for a playdate.

And Summer peed on her bedroom floor.

Summer said it was an accident but I think she’s just looking out for her mama.

Thankfully, Sally’s very kind mom has 3 kids (Sally being the youngest) and was not phased in the slightest by a big pool of pee on her floor.

And the very next day, Summer had her first day of preschool.

At the end of the 45 minute school day, her teacher asked,

“Did you have fun today Summer?”

“No,” Summer responded.

But later in the car, she admitted that she actually did.

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