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Many of us have been restless souls since the presidential campaign. We passionately campaigned for Obama or McCain or Clinton but are now left without focus or direction.

I’ve been waiting for another call to action. But nothing has quite stirred me.

Now there’s word that my Manhattan gals Victory, Nico and Wendy are in trouble.

Lipstick Jungle” is breathlessly close to cancellation. Apparently, only the viewers can save it now.

Well… it’s not exactly like picking the next leader of the free world but heck, tv is cool too.

And I am the girl who helped save Party of Five.  My 1994 glory days.  Don’t think I can’t re-energize the troops and resurrect my letter writing campaign.  I can set up a phone bank for “Lipstick Jungle” in under an hour.  Don’t threaten me, peacock network.

Contributing mama Erin Butler has already signed the petition and sent in her lipstick.

I signed the petition but so far I’m not parting with any tubes of Laura Mercier.  We’re in a deep recession, ladies. I have my limits. But then again, can you really put a price on these abs?

By the way, am I the only one who has watched AND actually really enjoyed “Flirting With Forty?” You know, that sort of dumb Heather Locklear/ Kirby Lifetime movie.

Don’t judge me. You know there isn’t a lot on TV right now.

Meanwhile, guess who is flirting with two?

Yes, my baby girl Summer.

I love you baby girl.

And please don’t think that just because I rambled on about “Lipstick Jungle” and some guy’s abs and some stupid lifetime movie, that I don’t love you beyond words.

Because I always save the best for last. Happy Birthday my little Summer. XO

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