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They recently paved our road. My god if that doesn’t hook you into reading this post, what will?! Kelcey’s road got paved? Please don’t keep us waiting. Go on! Go on!

Then they painted the yellow lines on. (I bet you didn’t see that twist coming.)

And as I drove home that day, I was just so grateful that I wasn’t one of those bird brains who drives over the yellow line while it’s still wet, smearing yellow paint across the street.

Now if you happen to live in my town and notice yellow tire tracks leading directly into my driveway, please pay no attention.

I’m sure they’ll wear off.

Maybe by 2016.

Or definitely by eternity.

P.S. In my defense, how was I supposed to know the lines were still wet? (I mean, other than the huge truck and the yellow cones up and down the whole street?)

mama bird notes:

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