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Ok, maybe I’m a little cranky.

Well… do you feel it?

The end of summer blues.

School starting up, vacations suddenly behind us and a certain clear crispness that is beginning to permeate the air. Yup. I can definitely feel fall waiting in the wings, all ready to pounce.

So, quite predictably, I’m already dreading that evil, bitter, icky, long winter. Apparently, it is possible to obsess over winter in August.

My friend Julie is the one who pointed out that I get all panicked like this every year. She’s obviously right.

Last winter, I was so grateful because I met another mother in my building. One that was cool and awesome and normal. We would pass the dark, cold afternoons chatting away as our kids played together in the lobby.

And she just announced she’s moving to the SUBURBS.

In October. Damn, that’s before the first winter chill.

Crap. I’m happy for her. But crap. So we immediately bought a house on the same block as hers. No, no… I won’t stalk her to Westchester.

Instead, I’m just trying to appreciate every moment of these glorious, sunny, perfectly warm August days.

I’ve been taking my kids for gelato in the afternoons… an attempt to ever so slightly extend our Italian holiday on the streets of New York.

Summer insists on strawberry ice cream EVERY TIME. Look, I certainly support her individual choices but I’m the one who has to keep licking it so it doesn’t all end up in a puddle on her lap. And strawberry is just… I don’t know… really totally not chocolate chip.

Dylan, who misses her nights out in the piazza, keeps asking me, “When do we get to go out at night again?” Somehow books and songs are just not measuring up to sprinting down the quaint, stone alleyways of Polignano in her pink, plastic, princess heels.

Oh girl, I promise before I have to throw a jacket on you, I’m taking you out at night. Maybe a little ice cream underneath the city lights. Dylan’s favorite flav is chocolate which, by the way, totally kicks strawberry’s arse.

For all of you who love strawberry ice cream, please don’t be offended by this post. Although I may not understand you, I certainly respect your ice cream choices. And if you ever want to explore some other, less gross flavors, I am here to help and support you.

29 Responses to strawberry ice cream is really gross

  • Dixie Chick says:

    My littlest one chooses strawberry everytime but eats every drop! I’m on a totally different seasonal dread as you. I’m beginning to get frisky as the oven will be turned off down here in Baton Rouge, LA and fall will come. Last 2 winters, we used a sweater for the entire time and my children are warm natured.

  • Cathy says:

    That’s so true–I have to help James eat his ice cream cone or it turns into a sticky mess. I like all ice cream flavors, so it’s fine.

    I dread being couped up because of bad weather, too.

  • Melisa says:

    I wish it could stay fall for months and months. Today we have clouds and lots of wind and it’s in the 70’s! It’s glorious.

    Chocolate will always kick everyone’s arse in yumminess!

  • Memarie Lane says:

    I have to say, if there’s one flavor of ice cream I will absolutely not eat it is chocolate chip. It was the ONLY KIND my mom would ever buy. I’d rather have rum raisin, or even spaghetti flavored ice cream than chocolate chip.

  • Francesca says:

    I guarantee you she likes strawberry for the color. i remember that phase. i wouldn’t eat chocolate also because of the color and what it looked like. now the real stumbling block is bubble gun ball ice cream. i never could figure out how to lick the cream and smack the gum simultaneously so i saved the gun balls in a cup on the side…

  • Daphne says:

    I LOVE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM. But I’m talking about the real stuff, not the day-glo hot pink stuff, but the real white cream with big berries. It’s the best. You tell Summer I’m happy to lick her ice cream any day, summer or winter!

  • Raz says:

    I can put up with it now, but when I was small I hated strawberry icecream.

    I want piazzas in Britain. Please? Ok so it rains the whole time, but they’d be fun anyway.

  • Auntie T says:

    I personally always went for and sill do…choc chip mint but it MUST be Green… never have liked strawberry myself. I can definitely sympathize, if you HAVE to assist & intake the calories, ya gotta enjoy it! Hugs to you all! I loved living vicariously through you all in Italy. Well maybe I ‘m glad I missed the flight delays and dead batteries but everything else sounded and looked like a fairy tale trip! Welcome Home! Lets plan some November/Dec/Jan adventures to break up the winter blues.

  • Jennifer H says:

    I’m on the opposite schedule here in Arizona. I cannot wait for fall and winter to come! It’s so bloody hot here. My cabin fever happens in summer.

    So ice cream, of almost any flavor, sounds good. (But my girl likes cotton candy ice cream. Which should be against some law.)

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?' says:

    Order ice cream in a cup for kids; with an empty cone on the side to eat. Winter back East sucks. You spend 1/2 the year freezing outdoors, or over-heated indoors. Take long winter vacations to hot climates; instead of your summer vacations. Or move to California…temperate climate; best in the country.

  • kristen says:

    ok, clearly it means you need to move to the suburbs. psyche!

    there’s definitely a shift in the light quality but i love this time of year here SO much – the days have a sweetness that makes me want to package it.

    i’m worried about winter, but i’m more worried (read obsessed) with finding boots. i keep thinking i’ll get an edge up on myself and have selection, but even with all that i choose from, they are still wrong.

    i’ve spent far too much of this sweet month at the post office.

  • I’ve never met an ice-cream that I didn’t like- so I really can’t relate ( : In fact, it’s probably the reason I’ve had to take up running ( :

    Though I’m mostly a coffee or pecan praline kind of girl, my daughter recently introduced me to cake batter and I’m (no surprise here) loving it, too.

  • Pearl says:

    I got addicted to the lavender gelato sold at exactly one place in the entire city of SF. Sounds gross, but it was soooo yummy. Totally kicked chocolate’s ass!

  • Sally says:

    Hi Kelcey,

    A of all, I am a tad disappointed that the very hot, very tall, very Israeli Sacha Noam Baron Cohen was not first-to-mind relative to medals that seem like bathing suits. I think it must be the age difference among our children: mine our 18-ish and 13-ish; yours are 4-ish and 2-ish. What? You didn’t take them to see Borat? What the heck, kelcey?

    Anyhow, I just dropped my oldest, Flynn, off at college in Ohio. Ohio? Why? Because my great-great grandparents sold land to the school and he’s kind of a legacy. With that comes a nice legacy scholarship. You’d do the same to your kid. Actually, he is over the moon and my heart feels empty. Yet, so filled with happiness over his happiness.

    Now, let’s skip to something unrelated, as you do so effortlessly and eloquently. Can we talk Project Runway? You are great friends with my former colleague (and friend, we had great times together), Alex. Alex, do you remember Stella Zotis? Our make-up artist for Anna Sui? I traveled with her from east to west, and we had a wonderful dinner with Anna. She was always working on fur-and-leather designs for Sebastian Bach, and it was hard to get her to focus on make-up artistry. She managed beautifully.


  • Rhea says:

    I think I used to like strawberry ice cream when I was little, but not anymore. gross.

    There\\\’s something magical being outside at night. Doing something different. I understand. It\\\’s even more fun in a foreign country though.

  • Valerie says:

    I knew you did not go to Tulane for JUST the cheese fries at Fat Harry’s — I’m sure the warm weather had something to do with it! And naming your daughter Summer is a sure signal about which season you prefer.

  • mp says:

    Did you keep the girls on USA time the entire trip?

    Chocolate..please. I don’t want fruit in my ice cream..it makes it too healthy that way.

  • Jordana says:

    Ava is loving strawberry as well. I’ve never taken kids to Italy – but New York is a amazing city for nocturnal activities – we’ve had night adventures to the Philharmonic, Operas and Movies in Central Park as well as concerts and movies in Carl Shurtz. We put them in their pajamas and have a picnic and so much fun! I love summer in the city! Who needs Europe? ( :

  • Jill says:

    I’m in full agreement on the strawberry ice cream thing. I’m a Rocky Road girl, nothing better than a big old bowl of RR.

    Bummer about your friend moving away, it’s so hard to find other moms that you click with! I’m sure you’ll find a new buddy that you like!

  • Amber says:

    Laughing my butt off at this post. I feel the end of summer too and it always makes me feel a little restless. I haven’t met an ice cream (or gelato!) flavor that I haven’t loved.

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