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At this point in my marriage, there are a lot of things I know about my husband.

Like I know which dry cleaner he used when he first moved to New York City and just in case I forget, he will, without fail, point it out each time we visit Manhattan.

I know that he can leave an empty bag on our dresser for a ridiculously long time without even realizing it.

And I know he wishes he was married to someone who liked Chinese food.

But after almost ten years of marriage, I have found out something new.

My husband has never heard of sea glass.

I’m not sure how to describe my reaction.

Completely shocked and amazed seems too subtle.

I really thought that every person on this planet had heard of sea glass.Β  Plus, Rick is so well versed on so many different topics from politics to sports to international affairs that I didn’t expect the one void to be “Stuff You Find on a Beach.”

I guess there aren’t a lot of breaking news stories on sea glass.

Am I insane or have most people heard of this?

There are no wrong answers but if you agree with me, I will send you a piece of sea glass from my nationally recognized collection.

Note: I may not actually have a sea glass collection.

33 Responses to still keeping it fresh and exciting after all these years

  • MommyTime says:

    I love sea glass. I am not sure if my husband knows what it is or not. On the other hand, he does know who Katy Perry is (though in our house, we call her Kitty Perry, thanks to the six-year-old).

  • Colleen says:

    My hubby knows what sea glass is…but then again we live 5 minutes from the beach, we go rock hunting on the beach all the time and we’ve been to glass beach close to Mendocino…

  • Marinka says:

    I didn’t know that it was called sea glass, but I knew what it was. With my new knowledge, I’m that much closer to becoming a genius.

    (this is what you get for marrying a heterosexual man, btw)

  • Lauren says:

    He should know with your proximity to the beach. If you lived in a state without access to the water I would understand πŸ˜‰

  • beachgirl says:

    Of Course I know what sea glass is!!

    Sea glass or beach glass is physically and chemically weathered anthropogenic glass found on beaches along bodies of fresh and salt water. These weathering processes produce natural frosted glass.[1][2][3] Many beachcombers collect sea glass as a hobby and for use in jewelry.

    πŸ™‚ google? me? never πŸ™‚

  • Lori says:

    Yes! I know what sea glass is! Think growing up going to the beach most of the summer led to discovering this treasure as a little girl. I will ask my husband too.. His family spent more of their summer vacations in woodsy, lake places so it’s possible he doesnt know.

  • nancywalton says:

    Even though I grew up in Montana where there is no ocean, of course,
    I’d been to both coasts enough to know that sea glass was just another
    pretty thing that Nature somehow provided for free to kids like me who
    marveled at finding it. Like seashells, and heart-shaped rocks, and bird feathers. And if you were really lucky, a dropped deer antler. Most of those treasures were kept very nicely in a shoe box under the bed. I don’t remember my brothers having such treasures though, so maybe it was a girl thing, which could explain why Rick didn’t know what sea glass was. I think I’d let him off the hook for that one. Maybe not for pointing out his dry cleaner more than twice though. 3 times just points to impending old-fogeydom. No one needs a reminder of THAT.

  • robin says:

    we call it beach glass, since we find it on the shores of Lake Michigan. I don’t think my husband knew what it was until he met me. I love beach glass. I always pick it up and find it later in some weird place in my house.

  • Andi says:

    I only know because I saw it on Sweet Home Alabama. I’m guessing that might not be one of his favorite movies.

  • Doug says:

    I’ve never heard it called that, although when I saw the picture on wikipedia I recognized it. I didn’t know people collected it.

  • Jen Davis says:

    I have never actually seen sea glass, but I also heard of it on Sweet Home Alabama. I just asked my husband of 20 years and his response was “What is sea glass?” Maybe it’s a man thing? πŸ™‚

  • Sarah says:

    I’ve collected glass from the beach…but I never knew it had a name or was anything special. I just thought it was pretty. Learn something new every day, I suppose…

  • Kellie says:

    I heard that sea glass is becoming harder to find thanks to people being more careful about what they throw away and choosing to recycle instead. Damn environmentalists … they ruin everything…

  • Phew! I thought my husband was the only one with the bag problem. (he has a collection of empty Home Depot bags). As for sea glass, yes I’ve heard of it. And I even saw it person a long time ago on a real beach.

  • Shea says:

    I was so excited to find my first piece of sea glass this past Spring. My husband had NO idea what I was talking about. He was very unimpressed. “It’s probably just an old beer bottle some fishermen throw overboard. What’s the big?” Ugh. Feels good to know someone else has experienced my frustration with this subject.

  • Cait says:

    I grew up on Cape Cod (year round) so it is somewhat mind-blowing to realize people may not know seaglass… but I live in Texas now & people had their minds blown when I had no idea what “chicken fried steak” or “huevos rancheros” were…

  • Joanna says:

    Well, I live on a very small island off the coast of Maine so, yes, sea glass is a known item around here but like you, I figured no matter where you live, you must know about sea glass. I love to collect it and then do absolutely nothing creative with it despite all my good intentions.

  • I grew up on the coast in the UK and my husband spent some of his childhood on the East Coast. So we both know what sea glass is. I guess my kids probably don’t though, as we only make it to the lakeshore once a year and I don’t think we ever saw any glass.

  • Jill Sherman says:

    I didn’t know there was anyone in the world that hated the beach!
    I, on the other hand, grew up at the beach, LOVE the beach, live for the beach. heading to the beach this weekend…(okay, you get the point) and totally know what sea glass is. My hubby, who grew up in Lancaster PA, probs doesn’t know what it is though! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…he’s Rick’s cousin!

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