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Maybe Justin Timberlake will come out. His first time ever at a Boca Raton gated community!

Nope, it’s the balloon guy.

Oh the corny jokes! The lame magic! The kids aren’t really going for this, are they? They’re too smart for this.

My kid just fell out of his chair laughing. I guess he isn’t too smart for this.

They just made an announcement that they aren’t selling alcohol at this event. Who is making the calls around here?

The ballon guy checked his watch. He’s either bored or trying to keep himself on schedule so he can get home in time to watch Dr. Phil.

My kids are still laughing. At everything.

The balloon guy is doing a competition to see who know the words to the Sponge Bob theme song. Children are failing miserably. A kid wearing a Sponge Bob shirt can’t sing it at all. False advertising. Takeaway: Kids today need to watch more TV – specifically Sponge Bob.

Wait, the balloon guy says for the grand finale, he’s going to get inside a balloon. Now I’m very interested. Okay, he blows up a gigantic balloon and dives head first into it.

The balloon breaks. He’s trying again.

The back up balloon breaks. The show is over.

Damn, that looked potentially awesome. I want my money back.

Apparently the event is free.  I think I still deserve some money.

I’m going to follow him across South Florida until I get to see the grand finale.

P.S. I found a photo of him on Facebook to show you how he somehow fits himself into a balloon…

balloon guy

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