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When I was a kid, I didn’t want a dog like so many of my friends.

Mostly because we already had one.

What I wanted was a monkey.

This was not a passing phase.

I adored that Every Which Way But Loose movie.

I was obsessed with the work of Jane Goodall.

I had a million stuffed monkeys.

And I can still make a monkey sound that would win competitions if they held monkey sound competitions.

My childhood longing for a monkey would only be equaled one day by my teenage desire for a Suzuki Jeep.

I never got either which is so sad. Especially because can you imagine how damn cool I would have been driving around in my Suzuki Jeep with a monkey in the passenger seat?! Do monkeys wear seat belts? I don’t know! If only my parents had loved me more and bought me the things I really needed, I would know important stuff like that.

So when Samsung asked me if I would show a video that featured monkeys and their new refrigerator, it was like the universe was speaking directly to me. I love monkeys. I have a healthy respect for refrigerators.Β  How could I say no? So here it is…

To recap the video,

That looks like a really nice fridge.

That house has the worst security system ever.

And by the way, now that I basically have 4 monkeys and one more on the way, I no longer desire one of these primates. So seriously don’t send me one.

This post is sponsored by Samsung.

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