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I went to a birthday party this weekend. It was a friend of Chase and Harlowe. I told them, “We are going to Jason’s birthday party today!” And Chase said, “You know Jason too?”

“Well, I mean, I don’t know him the way you guys do. I know him through you. He’s more of an acquaintance right now but obviously I hope we grow closer.”

The party was at a very nice home but it was about 1 trillion degrees outside. And I was wearing jeans. There is this phenomenon in Florida where everyone wears jeans and fancy wedges despite the sweltering heat because it’s October.  And I hate to be left out of any trend that makes no sense, so I threw on a pair of tight jeans.

I regretted it quickly and it did not help to have 5 month old Cash, an adorable little hot box, in my arms. Thankfully Chase and Harlowe needed to pee multiple times and there was a bit of air conditioning in the poolside bathroom.

By the time I was taking them to the bathroom for the 3rd time, I started to think that maybe I had to go too. But where to put Cash? The twins can’t hold him, he can’t sit up and lying him on the floor seemed cold hearted.

And then I saw it. A hand towel box on the floor. And it was sort of baby size.

Cash in towel bin

It worked! Poor Cash. Someday he’ll look at this picture and think to himself, “Oh mom, why would you do this to me? Just so you could be happy?”

There are a lot of things kids don’t get about us crazy adults.

Like why we would temporarily shove them in a hand towel box.

Or why we eat standing up but they aren’t allowed.

Or the other day 6 year old Summer asked me why I keep a tweezer in the car. So I tried to explain the best I could. “Well, sometimes as a person gets older, they will find random hairs here and there when they look in the visor mirror and they just want to get rid of them.”

“Like that hair on your chin?”

“Yes. Something like that.”

And then there’s this awkward question…

This post is sponsored by Kellogg’s. All opinions are my own. I happen to like Rice Krispies because they are yummy, low in sugar and make cool sounds. I like them a lot more than trying to explain to kids how a woman gets pregnant.


8 Responses to sponsored video: adults might be crazy.

  • Megan says:

    I always waited till I was home to get rid of that stray hair, but I’m buying tweezers for my car! Cash is so cute, as I’m sure you were in your jeans.

  • Lisa says:

    I simply don’t get the it’s HOT and I am wearing jeans thing or where I live it’s freezing and I am wearing shorts. Say in January and it’s below zero and snowing. Hello…car trouble!?! Did your parents not teach you anything?

    Tweezers in the car. Genius. Adding some today. Good bye stray hairs.

  • Rosellen says:

    This piece really mad me laugh. It made me remember how I carried my son around constantly. When I finished folding the laundry, which was downstairs, I would place him on top of the laundry in the basket to carry him upstairs.

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