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I went to Miami this weekend with some friends from New York. Have you gone anywhere without kids? It’s very relaxing. I’m thinking of doing it every weekend. And week.

Kelcey One Hotel

Throughout the weekend, I would get pangs of guilt that I had left my husband home alone with 5 kids but then I would have a glass of Rosé and rub on some more sunscreen and those pangs would just disappear!

I ran around South Beach with these funny, gorgeous gals (and when I say running, I mean a slow saunter to croissant and coffee shops).

Miami gals

We took a lot of important photographs while we were there that I can only imagine will be used by the Miami tourism board to lure more people to South Beach.

This is is me telling a young girl, “Could you please move – I’m trying to take a picture with Hello Kitty.” Kids can be so self centered.

Miami Hotel Kitty

Only my friend Smeredith (name has been changed) could look this photogenic while sticking her head in an alligator.

Meredith alligator

And here’s my friend Smonica (name has also been changed), the beautiful horticulturist.

Monica and the plant

I got the opportunity to watch Smonica FaceTime her dog from the hotel room which was obviously very special. She told me I could only share this fact with you if I posted her dog’s official commissioned portrait.

monicas dog

The great thing about South Beach is that you can go right from the beach to the streets with no change of clothes required.

Miami street wear

But it’s very hard to wear your cute, strapless jumpsuit if you forgot to put on sunscreen. I wonder who this is…


We also carried around a “Reserve” sign so that no matter where we went, we looked fancy and important. You’re welcome for the travel tip.


If someone is looking for a stolen “reserved” sign, we were never at the Delano.

Eventually the weekend ended and my friends had to return to cold weather. Something about snow armageddon. Just know that here in South Florida, it’s totally not 75 and sunny. I mean, probably not.


Just wanted to share a few other articles I’ve written lately. On SheKnows, I’ve recently written about the most ridiculous mom jeans on the planet (and they are actually sold by TopShop at Nordstrom). Plus, some second graders wrote some very funny condolence cards, a pregnant woman gives out a trophy when a guy finally offers her a seat on the subway and a woman breastfeeds on live TV and almost gets away with it.

Over at Alpha Mom, I wrote about the best family friendly restaurants in Fort Lauderdale. Like these are restaurants adults will love too.  And if you’re in the potty market, don’t miss my review of the best potty seats and chairs to get your kids out of diapers.  I was exhausted sitting on all of those potties. Oh, fine. I had my 3 year old do it. But I did write the review! Enjoy.

3 Responses to south beach. it happened.

  • Beki Varicak says:

    So glad you all had fun w/out kids or husbands!!!! You could start a convention ~ I’d pay money to attend!!!

  • SMeredith says:

    For the record, I would have FaceTimed Jojo with you years ago if I had know she would get a photo in the blog…

  • Daphne says:

    Sounds like a much needed escape – can’t wait for ours next month! (BTW – it’s 76 degrees in sunny CO right now, if South Beach gets too cold…)

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