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It’s just so darn cheesy when parents force their kids to wear matching outfits. Puh-lease. How about a little creativity? A little individuality? Why must we subject young, innocent children to such hokey torture?

Oh, right… because it’s fun!

Poor Dylan. She already knows her street cred is toast. Holla!

And what better way to show my never ending love for Rick than his and her’s sweat suits? I mean how friggin cute as a button is this couple?

Are they part of some creepy Siamese jogging cult?

Or maybe I should just take it up another notch and go family style.

Listen, I can’t get a single photo of my entire family smiling, so maybe they are on to something. Plaid and v-necks not your thang? Well, let me see if I can dig up a little something for you out there. Floral? You like the floral? Who doesn’t like the floral? Aloha, happy family!

Yup, you can actually wrap up your whole clan, head to toe in hibiscus. People, dreams really do come true. And look at this…. There is actually a company that will help. Matcheez gives you tips for dressing alike and insists, “You can show your family unity to the world by dressing alike.”

I think I’m a long way from showing my unity to the world because every time Rick puts on a shirt that is even remotely similar in color to my top, I make him change. You can never be too careful.

Gotta scram. Just called Julie Andrews. We are off to sew Dylan and Summer matching play clothes from my old blackout shades. Yeah, I don’t really have curtains.

mama bird diaries

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Finally, this week, we have TWO awesome giveaways from Lands’ End. I’m giving away a Girl’s Swim Package (bathing suit, short sleeve rash guard shirt + beach towel) and a Boy’s Swim Package (board shorts, short sleeve rash guard shirt and beach towel). Sun sensible with 50 UPF Protection. Winners will get to pick the sizes.

To enter, leave a comment this week on the mama bird diaries and let me know if you are interested in the boys giveaway, the girls giveaway or both!

70 Responses to sound of music revamped

  • I have awful pictures of me, 4 younger siblings and both parents wearing the same shirt all over America the year I graduated high school. Oh, the shame!!

    Also, LOVE the part in Enchanted where Giselle makes a dress out of the curtains. Classic!

    Would love to win the girls swimsuit giveaway!!

  • Both, of course.

    Hmmm, Matcheez…thanks for another way to totally torture my teen daughter. Maybe she'll finally run away from home when I show her the matching outfits our family can wear.

  • Kristen M says:

    I totally said I would not dress the girls alike but they look so cute in matching dresses! I love all the pictures. …. oh what the heck just for fun enter me in the giveaway!

  • Rhea says:

    I'm interested in the boys' giveaway! awesome!

    I love the post on families dressing alike. Over all I think it's kind of awful but once in a while for fun is ok. I prefer people get to express their individuality. lol

  • I think girls are easier to dress alike than boys…They look so darn cute in matching outfits. Boys don't really get to wear "outfits".

    All we could muster four our recent family photos were jeans and white tee's! Unity at its best!

    We're all about the boy giveaway in this family-

  • Jordana says:

    You know I am ALL about the matchy-matchy! I cannot wait to start dressing my girls in the same outfit and if all the Bales could coordinate their clothing every day – that would be just delightful. Gotta go check out Matcheeze…

  • Jordana says:

    PS: I just went to Matcheez.com and Michael came over and asked me what I was looking at and I explained the site and he said, "That's awesome." I knew I married the right guy – 80s lingo not withstanding.

  • Pearl says:

    When I was in the second grade, I had a dress that looked similar to one my mom had and I LOVED it when we wore them at the same time. I don't know why I liked it so much, but I am pretty sure that means I am a great big dork.

  • LaskiGal says:

    I love matching . . . my socks . . . and that is about it.

    Though, I did dress in the same color t-shirt and shorts as J recently. I think he was embarrassed. I mean, he's only 10 months, but he has a rep to protect.

  • Inzaburbs says:

    My grandmother was a seamstress and for the first ten years of my life most of my outfits were made by her. As were my sister's – matching of course. Everybody thought we were twins. I still wonder why my mother didn't mix things up a little…

    The best matching I ever saw was a little old couple in His'n'Hers pink velour jogging suits.

    I am interested in both the girls and boys giveaways. My children are currently running around in swimwear so small that you would be forgiven for thinking they were not wearing anything at all.

  • Abby Siegel says:

    How come I don't get the mama email until much later than everyone else?its not that I am sleeping- I am actually up at 2 am when they first come through! Thank god my mother was not creative enough to dress my brother and I alike.

  • Diane says:

    As a twin, I'm grateful my mother didn't buy into the silly dress-as-same tradition that so many fall for with twins. But now that I have a 2 and 3 year old, I have to dress them similarly, if not alike. That way, when they are running off into crowds or traffic, I only have one outfit or color to remember. Speaking of outfits, we'd love the swim package. We do a lot of that down here in TX.

  • Jacki says:

    Sometimes, on sheer accident, Peter and I will end up wearing the same colors (for instance, white shirt with jeans) and one of us will have to change. Just ain't gonna go there.

  • Steph says:

    I love dressing my girls in similar dresses but our older one is losing enthusiasm for it

    πŸ™ so of course I'm interested in the girls' Lands End.

  • mackbeth says:

    My husband actually had to inform me (more than once) that it really isn't that cute to have matching brother shirts on the boys. He also included the fact that they were going to hate me one day for it. Now I settle for same shirt, different colors. The girls look so cute!! I would die before I matched as a couple. My parents have matching names….Jerry and Jerry, but they have NEVER dressed alike! I have to check out matcheez!!

  • Robyn says:

    My little Bear always ends up looking like his daddy's Mini-me. Not because I'm buying them the same outfits, but when they both shop at The Gap, Old Navy, etc. — it's hard to avoid!

    –Bear would look sooooo cute in the boys' swim package… (hint, hint)

  • Marylou says:

    Raindrops on roses

    and whiskers on kittens

    Neither of my boys

    can ever find their mittens

    Now that its summertime

    suits are what they lack

    I sure hope we win

    your cool summer paaaaaaaaack!


    Marylou (Valerie Wagner's sarcastic friend from law school … you remember now, yes?)

    ps – Love your blog. It is how I start my day before heading out to think big thoughts and save the world, one sick kid at a time.

  • Jessi says:

    I love finding matching clothes for my kids, but only if they're cheap since they will only wear them once for pictures…

    Your girls are so cute!!

    I'm also interested in the swim suits for both boys and girls. (reminds me that if I don't win, I need to go shopping soon)

  • Erin says:

    As for the matching bit, no way jose, at least for me and the husband. Maybe the kiddos because like you said it's pretty cute.

    Great post on the NYC moms. Your trip sounds amazing and I can't wait to hear about it. We were in Italy a year ago but didn't go south of Rome. Would go back in a heart beat!

  • Buffy Blackwell says:

    Very funny…I'm always looking for new and funner (yes, that's right–FUNNER) ways to torture the Really Rottens. I used to think that making my 15yr old kiss me good bye or hold my hand in public was the bomb. (FTR-I also like to scream "Mommy loves you!" out the window at him when I drop him at school. He really hates me…) But matching outfits–the sheer simplicity of evil genius. I would darn near guarantee that all 4 would have years of stuff to talk about in therapy. BTW I would love to have the swim stuff but since I live 20 degrees south of hell, it's already so hot that I just about burst into flame when I walk outdoors. My kids say that's because of karma…whatever could they mean?

  • Bitsy says:

    Would love the boys swim package! I must admit that I did match my kids when they were little. But never my husband! And at least I stuck to solid colors in linen.

    I think I saw those poor people in Hawaii. Or was it Disney World?

  • Jen says:

    It's happened to me–I walk out the door with the two kids and we are all wearing the same color green top or similar color patterns. People comment on how cute that we're dressed alike and I kinda cringe. If Luke could match outfits with Parker or me for that matter, trust me, he would!

  • Madmad says:

    Yikes! I do the same thing, though, if my husband has on even close to the same color as I do – make him change immediately! I did accidentally buy my daughter the same color winter coat (a sensible brown, of course) as I have, and never put two and two together that we would be seen together – and that stunk. So now I make her leave her coat in the car. What do I care if she gets cold? She's young. She'll live.

  • kristen says:

    my girl would be thrilled if we had matchy-matchy outfits. The best I can muster is chucks, which is really pretty cute.

    Because your girls are still little, I think they look adorable matching.

  • Jennifer H says:

    My son hates it when I make him wear a dress exactly like his sister's. πŸ™‚

    "wrap up your whole clan, head to toe in hibiscus"…that's funny! I'm heading out right now to the fabric store. Right now.

    I can't believe there's a website devoted to getting people to match their family's clothing. Crazy.

  • mp says:

    When I was little my mom used to MAKE dresses for me, my bff and her little sister..we were in matching jumpers. OMG

    Boys giveaway please~!

  • liz says:

    We were dressing our son for a morning in the fountains when we realized we never got him any sort of swim suit for the summer. We'd LOVE the boys package! And with #2 just days away, I don't see myself with any time to shop. consider us entered!

    In the city, when we see entire families dressed alike, it's like a blinking neon sign: TOURIST!

    but in the case of small children: adorable.

  • Lanie says:

    The girls are so adorable! Fletcher and Alyssa have been given a lot of matching and coordinating outfits – and it does make it easier to dress them.

  • Damselfly says:

    Well, I guess the matching outfits makes it … easier … to … find related people in a crowd? Like the Von Trapp siblings hanging from the trees?

    A boy's swim package would be great! We could really use the SPF!

  • aimee says:

    Oh yeah, my mom used to make matching "jams" for all my cousins for our family vacation every year. We loved it!

    Oh and please pick me for the boys swim package πŸ™‚

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess W says:

    If I ever found a man who wanted to dress as I do, it would be 'love at first sight'; and we'd have a standing invitation to lead parades all over this country.

  • Memarie Lane says:

    I didn't mind being dressed like my older sister when I was younger. But as we got older I wanted to branch out. So when we'd go buy clothes, my sister would actually wait and see what I picked out, then she'd get the same thing in a larger size. Drove me crazy!

  • bonggamom says:

    I have a girl and twin boys, and I'll admit I've dressed them in matching outfits when they were younger, but only rarely because the boys are already so identical, people need clothing cues to tell them apart! PS: as for the Lands End prize, I'd take girl, boy or both! πŸ™‚

  • ewe_are_here says:

    I'll put my boys in the same tshirts once in a while… particularly cute ones, of course. πŸ˜‰

    I lived in Hawaii for 6 years. How we mocked the tourist families in their matching aloha attire. BAD aloha attire. Not the good stuff.

    As for Lands End, matching outfits for the little boys, of course. heh heh

  • Aimee says:

    Hey I totally want to see you and your family ALOHA'ing it out in that outfit! (PLLLLEEAASEE)

    Ok. There is a FINE line between totally cute and TOTALLY dorky How about when you go to different theme parks and the entire family is wearing the same dork shirt! I mean I get it IF and ONLY IF you are John and Kate plus 8 (as it can be used to keep track of all those rug rats). But if you have less then 8 kids and doing that—You need to go on FAMILY What Not To Wear and have a sit down with Stacey! πŸ™‚

    I would totally dig winning the boy package–Rylan would totally rock those board shorts and pick up all the ladies with matching bikini's!

  • Kristin says:

    You have to admit – the girls looked so cute! I know Summer was digging looking like her big sister! I clicked on the Matcheez link – scaaary!!! I would love to be entered in the girls giveaway from Land's End.

  • Deb Ringold says:

    Hilarious!!!! I do know a woman with 2 sets of twins and she dresses the entire family, including her husband and herself, in the same colors each day. She says it makes the laundry easier. Bizarre if you ask me.

  • Farrah says:

    My hubby tells me the ONLY time I am allowed to dress our family in coordinating clothes is for our Christmas pics so I always make the most of it!

    I would love to be enetered to win the boy's swim package. Thanks so much!

    Farrah (from Chicago Moms Blog)

  • amy says:

    Sign me up for the team of people who SWORE they'd never dress their children in matching outfits–before they had two of the same sex. Though, now my five year old will only match unmatched outfits, so it gets more difficult. And we're definitely drawing the line at dressing the same as a family. I have enough problems without dressing like a two year old…

    Would love to be entered in the girl's swim package!


  • Gabriella's mom says:

    Cool pics! And everytime I see the big New York families at JFK with 10 kids in tow, all wearing the same orange shirts, I think "that Mom is a genius!" that way when one of them runs off the she just has to tell airport security "he was wearing the same obnoxious orange shirt as this one, now find him before the gate closes!" –PS: I like the girl bathing package.

  • mayberry says:

    I am scared to go to that site.

    A few years ago we went to Hilton Head. All week long we'd see huge families gathering on the beach in late afternoon for their annual holiday card photo shoot. You could always tell by the white shirts + khakis.

  • The Mom Bomb says:

    Siamese joggers! You are too funny! I always smile at the matching mother-daughter outfits in the Hanna Andersson catalog. Or the pix where the parents and kids are in matching striped jammies.

  • O0h – the matching floor-length skirts in the Santa Claus pictures – only outdone by the plastic curlers we had to sleep in the night before.

    BTW – I'd like either the boys or girls outfits.

  • Yvie says:

    I love wearing matching shirts with my hubby. We always do this whenever we're in the mood for a date or something. πŸ˜€

    The photos are cute by the way! :3!~

  • amy says:

    But seriously, isn't it so fun?!?

    I never dress my girls exactly alike but I do get the same outfit in different colors. Yeah, they hate me.

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