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So today is Dylan’s first day of Pre-K.

AtΒ  a new school.

And it’s her birthday.

This is not a good combination for a shy girl like Dylan.

Last week, all the parents got a chance to meet the teachers and Dylan’s teacher seems very nice. And we told her (per Dylan’s instructions)….We know it’s Dylan’s birthday. But you can’t mention it. Please don’t wish her a happy birthday. Please don’t let on that you know. There will be no cupcakes. No celebration. We must never speak of this again.

Dylan likes to keep her birthdays seriously on the down low.Β  The teacher was very understanding and agreed to our demands.

Last week, Dylan also got a chance to check out her new classroom which meant that she mostly peered in from the hallway. But honestly, I was thrilled to just get her in the building on the first try.

On our way out, Dylan and Summer were BELTING “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

Did I mention the girls are going to our synagogue’s preschool?

It all started because earlier that morning Summer asked me to read, “Spot’s First Christmas” and the holiday songs sort of kicked off from there.

So blame Spot. That dog is always causing trouble with interfaith couples.

Anyway, we are really going to try to stay away from the Christmas songs on the first day of school.

Finally and most importantly on this day….

To our beautiful, creative, sweet, passionate, reserved, magical Dylan… Happy 5th birthday. We love you more than anything else in the world. You light up our lives. xo

dylan at the beach

dylan and kelcey

mama bird notes:

I had the amazing opportunity to walk in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Race for the Cure this weekend. I was sponsored by the soon to be released movie Motherhood, staring Uma Thurman.

And it only took Marinka and me (along with her lovely daughter) an hour and a half to walk a 5K. I believe that means we were doing 30 minute miles. So next stop… the NYC marathon. That should takes us about 12 days to finish. Obviously, I’m so kidding about the marathon. Who has time to train when fall TV is back?!

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