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This is what happens when smart people multitask too much on too little sleep:

On the first Sunday in September…

Rick folds the laundry which is totally awesome except he folds the dirty laundry.  Less awesome.

I leave the toaster oven on for an extended amount of time.

Rick gives Chase his twin sister’s thrush medicine by accident. (An important part of trying to get rid of thrush in twins is to not share medicine.)

I leave the door open to the house and a big fat orange cat swaggers on in and enjoys the place until she happens to bump into Dylan who starts screaming. Poor Dylan is so traumatized by the trespassing cat that she now needs some kind of feline therapy to recover. On the plus side, she’ll never become a cat hoarder.

Rick forgets to put Chase’s reflux medicine back in the fridge. (Label says it must be refrigerated at all times.)

Then we decide to take a nature walk with all four kids. So we strap on the Bjorns and head through these beautiful marshlands and everything is sunny and perfect and lovely…

until half way through the walk and quite far from the car, I say….

“We forgot the formula.”

“Oh no.”

“How could we forget food for our babies? Who does that?” I wonder and then I remember… Us!

Thankfully, the babies took pity on their poor frazzled parents and slept right through their feeding time. And we were able to feed them as soon as we got back to the car – preventing me from trying to nurse two infants on a lily pad in the middle of marshland.

Thank you babies.

mama bird notes:

A few weeks ago, Gap offered to style me at one of their local stores. Because I never turn down a chance to be styled (Rachel Zoe, I’m waiting for your call), I jumped at the opportunity even though I’m not a huge Gap person. I kind of thought the chain was still selling striped rugby shirts.

But the Gap had some seriously great stuff. I got a pair of black pants which are super fabulous and rightfully called magic pants.  I picked up some tops and even went all crazy and tried on jeggings.  Oh yes I did. They are a cross between leggings and jeans and I stuffed my postpartum body right in them. And they were cute! I know because my stylist said so.

So thank you Gap for the star moment. I loved it.

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