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A bunch of you have asked how the apartment sale is going. It would be nicer if you just made an offer on the place, but I’m not going to give you a hard time about it.

So here are the BIG developments…

We ditched the “Vanilla Citrus Zest” candle and are now trying “Cinnamon Apple.”  Thank you to Blognut for frankly commenting that citrus smells tend to call up memories of the air fresheners in public restrooms.

Since I’m currently not selling a urinal, I’ve switched to the allure of cinnamon as recommended by  Kristin K. and Chris. If I find out those two are lobbyists for the cinnamon cartel, I’m going to demand they refund my $4.99 Glade candle.

Our neighbors are still letting us bring a bunch of stuff over whenever we show the apartment. Unfortunately, they also have dogs. So far, we’ve lost 2 Elmo plastic cups, 2 pieces of dollhouse furniture, and we had a very close call with a baby doll, all courtesy of the 5th floor canine population.

But honestly, it’s just less stuff we have to bring back to our place.

By the way, what the heck is up with everyone owning a dog in New York City? Do they all think…Yes, I live in 900 square feet. I know! I’ll get a newfoundlander. That will absolutely make the place feel bigger.

Can’t they just find happiness with a cat?

And final apartment update…

Rick and I now get to have conversations like this:

“Honey, can you show the apartment in an hour? A broker wants to bring someone by,” Rick asks.

“IN AN HOUR?!!! How am I supposed to do that? I’m on my way right now to go to the grocery store. We have nothing to eat. There is no preschool this week so I have both girls with me. And Summer has this new thing where she REFUSES to sit in the shopping cart so it won’t be a quick trip. The apartment is a mess. And how am I supposed to get it ready while Dylan and Summer run around like princess-fueled maniacs, pulling out every toy they can find? And seriously, IN AN HOUR? I’m not a god damn superhero!”

“Maybe they could come by a little later in the day?” Rick offers.

“Yeah, sure, that sounds fine.”

mama bird notes:

I won some awesome, earth friendly cleaning products from Ecostore USA on The Chronicles of a SAHM. Thank you!

And have you ever wondered whether your kid needs a helmet when ice skating? Contributing mama Daphne Biener is very grateful her daughter Kira was wearing one when she took a fall on the ice. Click on her blog, A Greener Biener, to read more.

31 Responses to so… what’s up with the apartment?

  • scrappysue says:

    ’tis a stressful thing selling property for sure!  i know what you mean about the dogs!  when i was there, i was constantly tripping over them every morning when i stepped out of my hotel!

  • Abby Siegel says:

    My dad wants a newfie like no other. Unfortunately it will only happen if my mom leaves which isn’t going to happen soon! We were just talking about this again the other day-him wanting a newfie, that is! Good luck with the apt although I really don’t want you to move!

  • PAPA says:

    Everytime we moved it was always to another place in Kansas.

    Finally, I made my break away to New York.

    Then when I started paying rent.

    Suddenly I knew why Kansas was so hot

  • christy says:

    Sounds to me like you need an apartment nanny to keep the place in show condition all day long! haha! And, I vote for getting a lab. They don’t have the monstrous drools that Newfies have and they don’t require as much, if any brushing. AND they’re giant bundles of love…and lap dogs if you’re lucky. But I’m definitely biased as the owner of a black lab.

  • Marinka says:

    so the good news is that the apartment is still available?

    And here’s a hint that my mother would offer at a time like this–“why not always  keep your apartment clean so that showings are never a problem?”  Yeah. I know. 

  • Diane says:

    Keep the faith – it’s only a matter of time before the right buyer sees your place. In the meantime, make sure potential buyers realize the celebrity status of the current residents – that is always a major draw!

  • Terra says:

    I do loathe selling a house…last time we moved we rented storage and sent out dogs to doggy day care each day so the house would be empty and inviting.  it was expensive. 

  • Chris says:

    I love cinnamon, but there\\\’s NOTHING in it for me.  Promise. Maybe you could leave a parting gift for potential buyers.  A basket with packs of gum they could grab on their way out the door, or a row of little water bottles.  A large bowl of apples – all with a \\\”Please take one!\\\” sign. My kids went ice skating for the first time two years ago and it was horrifying to watch.  I wished I had brought their bicycle helmets.  They sucked, and I thought for sure they were going to have a brain injury.  Would have NEVER thought about it prior to that day.  Duh.

  • tracey says:

    I hate selling homes!! I remember with our first house, I came back from picking my son up from preschool and decided to drive by our house just to see what the prospective buyers looked like. Imagine my surprise to see the police out front! Some dork had opened the back door, even though it was LOCKED with a big sign that said ” ALARM IS ON! DO NOT OPEN!” 

    Good to know the police responded so quickly, though. I actually laughed at the time. Maybe I was more relaxed than I am now?

    Cinnamon is a much better scent. Smells like home, and Christmas, and Grandmothers…

  • mayberry says:

    An “apartment nanny”! That is brilliant. There is nothing worse than having to show an apt. where kids live.

    Just as soon as my lottery check gets here I’ll be on the phone with my offer ‘kay?

  • Our house was on the market a total of 4 days, and I thought I was going to die of stress.  The kids essentially lived outside.  I woke them up, got them dressed, and kicked them out the door.  I fed them out there, too.

  • ella says:

    hey what’s all this “selling the apartment” crap? Ummm, I really think you GAVE it to me last week dude. humf!

    I remember selling our house: everything crammed in the shed. House spotless at all times. Vacuum everyday. No dishes in the sink, ever. My husband would come home and say “Wow—why can’t we live like this all the time?”

  • If you feel your plan B candle scent isnt’ working for you, I suggest something a bit less cloying – like almond. Very subtle.

    But seriously – I hope your place sells soon. I remember trying to keep things neat at all time “just in case” someone wanted to drop by. With small children? Impossible!

  • Shani says:

    OMG when we finally put our house on the market we are  going to have to ship our son off somewhere.  Every time I finish cleaning up toys the floor is covered with them again.  Yesterday I left him in his room for 5 minutes and came back and couldn’t find the rug for all the Lego’s and Lincoln Logs everywhere!  

    I’ve heard from some friends that the  smell of chocolate chip cookies baking is also very helpful when showing a house.  I don’t know how you could throw a batch of cookies in the oven when the realtor calls… maybe there is a market out there for a baking cookies fragrance!  Good luck!

  • rightonmom says:

    Ugh!! Did you bury St. Joseph yet? Holy Patron of selling your NYC apartment?? In the meantime, just make sure little Polly Pocket parts are put away soz someone doesn’t sprain their ankle and sue for liability…ooh, you did not need to hear that. Sorry.
    Seriously, wishing you good vibes on the selling.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Saw Rick on Fox news this morning, and they were featuring a cave for sale someplace.  Rick was offered it to buy, but he said ‘his wife wouldn’t like it, too dark’…However if things get any worse in the economy; we’ll all be living in caves.

  • Lanie says:

    I think Daph already beat me to it but I was going to suggest bagging the candles and making some of her granola. . .
    Great post!

  • OHmommy says:

    Have you ever used Caldrea products?

    I swear to gawd…. google it and buy some candles or the room perfume spray. You will sell your apartment immediately.  I am in love with Caldrea everything.

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