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I got this pitch the other day to join the National Day of Unplugging.  I figured I could be strong, join the cause and unplug my toaster for 24 hours. Yes, it would be a sacrifice to go without hot, buttery toast but I am nothing if not a survivor.

But apparently, toasters aren’t the key focus. They want you to unplug and stay away from things like iPhones, iTouches and computers – you know the tech gadgets that sustain life and keeps us from spiraling into a deep pit of boredom and despair.

I remember trying this unplug thing once before in the 80s when I was only addicted to my walkman, Ms. Pac-man and the boob tube and it went reasonable well until I was aimlessly cracking walnuts and counting the threads of our green wall to all carpet and thought, “Maybe I better just watch a few minutes of ‘Too Close for Comfort.'”

Because I have failed at this before, I know I will need a wingman. I emailed Rick to see if he would be on board with this unplugging.

“Sure. I’ll do it. I don’t even like toast,” he replied.

Common misinterpretation obviously. I explained that we would have to go without phones and gadgets and TV.

“Wow. We’d live like the Amish?” he asked.


And at that point, we mysteriously lost our connection.

Thankfully the people behind this effort give you a list of things that you can do instead of tweeting and updating Facebook. Like take a nature walk or have a family yoga or dance party.

I’m already jazzed about the nature walk but I’m also all about loop holes so I immediately inquire how we are supposed to have a “dance party” without music from our iTouch or Ipod.

And those crafty unplug people replied, “Our thought was maybe creating your own music to dance to with some DIY musical instruments!”

Oh those guys are good.

So will you all do this with me? I feel like it’s a great way to practice the art of being more present. We can even count how many times we reach for our phones!

It’s from sundown on Friday, March 7 to sundown on Saturday, March 8th. That’s not so long, right? And afterward, we can all discuss our enormous self growth and then post our thoughts on Facebook.

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