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This a time of year to feel grateful.

Like my friend who just sent me this text…

cracker text

She is feeling really grateful for crackers.

At preschool, my 3-year-old twins were asked what they are grateful for. Of course, it was a lot of mommy mommy…

thankful 1

I assume that by “toys and Tommy Tommy,” they mean “our gorgeous, selfless mother.”

Well, at least they didn’t say mac and cheese.

thankful 2

Although in defense of Lexi and Justin, mac and cheese is pretty awesome.

8 Responses to so much gratitude

  • Steph says:

    That is so sweet that Chase said he is thankful for his grandfather. As for not mentioning parents, I think that to kids who have always had their parents there for them, they just expect us to be there. I didn’t articulate that very well. But I know when I was young, my mother was there for me no matter what and I didn’t fully appreciate it until I was older. When I make the mistake of trying to tell my girls all I do for them, even my teenager is like “duh, you’re the mom.” Anyway, your awesome blog is one of the things I am grateful for:)

  • beachgirl says:

    Love it!!I went to my 2nd grader’s open house at school and was reading her poster on the wall and where it said “my hero is”….she wrote “my bunny”…her stuffed animal trumped mom at the post…so disappointing!! but I guess I can be happy that she has her own mind and doesn’t bow down to peer pressure seen as most of her friends had wrote mom or dad!

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