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People keep asking me how I am. And I say, “good.” And it’s like they don’t believe me. But I am. Please believe me.

The hospital stay was pretty cushy.

I had my own room, great care and a couple friends even brought me mimosas. Very refreshing!

kelcey at hospital w: champagne

And this hospital provides a private lobster celebration dinner for you and your spouse before you check out (I am not joking. Get pregnant and have a baby there immediately).

kelcey lobster hospital dinner

I barely noticed those 3 folks joining us in the middle, although that does look incredibly like my mother-in-law and twins.

Upon leaving the hospital and returning home, I realized that I do indeed have a lot of children.

kelcey with all kids

After a few days, I had to bring Cash in for some blood work because my doctor was worried his skin looked too jaundice. I just carried him into the hospital because he’s 7 lbs and I didn’t think it was a great idea to deal with a heavy infant seat and stroller a week after a c-section. The nurse in pediatrics looked at me like I had just used my baby as a human shield while robbing a bank.

“Where is your stroller?” she asked.

“I didn’t bring one. Because this is my 5th kid and well, it was just easier to carry him.”

Turns out, Cash is fine color wise and despite the fact that he apparently has an insane mother that would forgo the stroller.

Meanwhile, I lost my iPhone this week which was a relief – because it wasn’t a kid.

Some guy named Oscar found it and returned it to me. I was going to rename our son Oscar but decided to tip the guy instead and let him know very good karma is coming his way!

So yes, I’m tired. But this is all so much easier than when the twins were born that I feel like I’m on vacation. With the twins, we couldn’t breathe. We just kept trying to survive. Every morning I would wake up feeling like I had been in a car accident and dreaming of getting on a plane to Paris so I could sleep the whole way there and then eat buttery croissants.

But this is more like a tired bliss. Cash is amazing and my gratitude for this little boy is limitless.

34 Responses to so how am i doing?

  • Pauline says:

    Congrats again on your BEAUTIFUL family. I’m *this* close to getting pregnant just so I can get a night alone in the hospital LOL.

    A million congrats on your new bundle of joy.

  • Michelle says:

    What a beautiful family and you look positively radiant! The hospital that I had all 3 of my kids at also provides lobster dinner…and wine! Of course, I was on heavy duty pain meds after my csections, so only daddy had some, cough, cough, but yes, it was lovely!

  • Kelsey Kleiman says:

    they are all cute but I am talking about the shot of you and all the kids!
    I mean, if it were in focus, it would be AMAZING. A little fuzzy, it’s still REALLY super cute. that one needs to be printed for an album or put in a photo book or maybe put in a frame for Father’s day. Hey! That would be a nice gift for father’s day. Send me the file and I will get it made and shipped in time for Rick for Father’s day! Promise. πŸ™‚

  • Kerri says:

    Lovely! Yes a singleton is so, soooo much easier after having twins! Only one to nurse, one to change, one to hold. As lovely & special as it is to hold twins, it is more of a challenge!

    I had two experiences of a singleton (#7) after twins ( # 5 & # 6 ) The first time was with my biological kids! I fostered a set of infant twin girls & their 2 year old brother, then I fostered a set of young foe their age toddler twin boys & another sibling set, plus my own. Then I fostered an 8 week old & his 4 year old sister. The 8 week old was so easy! I carried all sets of twins together for quite some time(till they were 3+). They were masters at escaping the stroller &/or taking out store displays! Being in slings kept them out of trouble & strangers were less likely to to touch them. One of one set & both of the other were hyper-sensitive to touch from strangers & would get very upset. Strangers were a lot less likely to touch them when they were attached to my body! It was so much easier to carry one around!

  • Well if you weren’t buggered I’d have you sent off for tests personally. And then I’d bottle what they found. The do say it gets easier as you have more. I wouldn’t know. I’ll rely on you for those pearls as the years go by. Love to you ALL!!!

  • PS My hospital also gave you a breakfast brunch thing before you left (kinda your last meal as a couple thing – it appears mine was more ominous than yours), however I didn’t have my own room. And there was this particularly annoying woman opposite me who insisted on keeping her baby with her, and then whispering (about as loud as a fog horn) to her husband that we were all nutters for letting the nurses take the babies away after the feeds. Turns out you didn’t have to let them whisk the child away! Who knew? I just did as I was told. Although, in retrospect, I was grateful for the sleep.

  • jill sherman says:

    I loved reading that post and seeing the pictures of you and all of the kids…I have a huge lump in my throat….just beautiful! I loved the comment about losing your phone instead of a kid!!! You’ve got this!!! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

  • That picture brought it all back – how I would sit there and wonder why, with the ENTIRE HOUSE to use, all the kids would have to sit within 6 inches of me and the baby. Congratulations, again! What a beautiful family!

  • Mary Clare says:

    Funny how one newborn seems so easy after your experiences. A first time mom would marvel at relatively easy it is to fold a new baby into a very busy household. Congrats!

  • Uncle Stevie says:

    You can always change his name to Oscar 11 months from now if you’d like. Or would that be too crazy? With Rick’s love for the movies as well; I wouldn’t at all be surprised.

  • Steph says:

    So glad to hear you are doing well. Wow, that’s a bunch of children. I need a nap after just looking at that gorgeous photo of you and yours. Of course, it also looks like so much love.

  • HonestMum says:

    So lovely to read everything is going well. I felt exactly the same with my second…so I’m thinking another one for me for sure! If you can manage 5! By the way you look incredible as does your mother in law who looks soooo young! What a beautiful family you have! A joy to read this post!

  • maya says:

    Stop making me want me a fifth kid! πŸ™‚
    Glad to hear you’re doing well. My last two were twins and I often think that the appeal in having another baby would be that it would JUST be ONE baby!
    All the best to you and your sweet family and agree with the others, you do look wonderful!

  • Mel says:

    You are all so beautiful! I keep. Noticing that Harlow looks like a big kid now and I’m pretty sure she should still be a baby too…

  • Marta says:

    Yes, you do have lots of kids but they look all so beautiful and happy to have a little baby! Also, is the lobster dinner covered under insurance?

  • Wow you do motherhood well! Congrats on your beautiful new baby boy and your family. If I sent you a picture of what I looked like when I first got home with my 2nd yes that’s right just 1, 2 kids you might immediately call some type of intervention. I was one big hot mess! Oh and I too dreamt of a plane ride to Paris and I didn’t even have twins. I have to tell you, you’ve made it look so easy and dreamy that I may now go off and have a third. πŸ™‚

  • Vicki Stern says:

    I so envy you Kelcey! I only had 2 but I wanted 6 when we were 1st married! I was one of those that was sick the whole 9 mo, so when #2 was healthy I said no more. What a lovely family you have been blessed with!

  • stacy norton says:

    Hey Kelsey — just started reading your blog about 3-4months ago! And I had all my babies at Greenwich Hospital too! With my 3rd, i begged to stay longer, it is so nice and relaxing! (also side note, need to add another baby bird for Cash to the heading of your blog:-) xoxo, Stacy

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