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My 3 1/2 year old daughter Dylan is nutty when it… Oh, sorry, hold on. I need to shut off the air conditioner. It’s on high and I’m freezing my tush off in here. Dylan likes to turn it on and shrieks when I start muttering about winter, goosebumps, energy bills and the environment. Maybe she is going through menopause. Too young, right? I thought so.

So anyway, she is a bit loopy when it comes to clothing. Her fave activity right now is wearing 14 month-old Summer’s clothes. Yesterday, on top of her own outfit, Dylan wore 4 additional layers, all size 12 – 18 months. Um, I think I’m starting to understand why she wants the air on.


Poor Summer. Not only does she get ALL hand-me-downs. But now she can’t even WEAR them.

Of course, Dylan becomes completely frustrated trying to get the tiny frocks on her body. And arguments like, “But honey, these are clothes for a 1 year-old. They don’t fit. That’s why it’s hard to get them on!” seem to have absolutely no merit.

So she grunts and pulls and squeezes her way into the miniature clothing, one layer at a time. And of course, she cries when we have to peel it all off for bath time.

Night time is the same. Because I have this paranoia about Summer using a real blanket (suffocation hazard or something), she sleeps in these blanket sacks. Tell me I’m not the only crazy one who does this. I just zip her up and she’s tucked in for the night. It’s like a little fleece sandwich bag for babies, with openings for the arms and everything.

But for the past few nights, Dylan has taken to wearing Summer’s sleep sacks.


Try taking a 3 1/2 year-old to the potty wearing one of these. Really. It’s ridiculous.

Speaking of getting up, Rick took Dylan to the potty around 4 am last night. He waits a little bit, then asks if she’s finished because at 4 am he’s dying to get back in bed. Twice, he asks. Finally Dylan says, “Daddy, sometimes it takes a while to go poopy.”

Hard to argue with that.

So I’ve been surfing around the internet and have learned that there are quite a number of very organized moms like this one and this one planning a weekly family dinner menu. With recipes. Damn. That’s so impressive. Apparently that’s what they’re doing while I’m trying on old prom dresses.

In case, you thought that perhaps I mapped out the week’s meals, here’s a picture of my daughter pretending to order from the sushi menu.


Hmm… I guess she’s seen me do that a few times.

Oh and have I mentioned that ALL Summer says is Elmo now. Really. All day. Elmo. Elmo. Elmo. Elmo. See, that got annoying and I only typed it four times.

She likes to find that crazy redhead with the matted hair in books and point him out to me. I nod my head and say, “Oh that’s Elmo. Thanks, hon. I wasn’t sure exactly who he was. But now he looks familiar.”

And if I happen to even walk anywhere near our tv set, she starts clapping madly with excitement and shouting for him, thinking she’s about to get her fix. What is it about that guy? Cute? Yes. Rock star legend? I just don’t see it. I guess I’m not in his demographic.

But I’m so zen these days. I simply won’t stress for one moment that my toddler is wearing baby clothes, my baby is crazy obsessed with a caffeinated muppet and I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m feeding them tomorrow.

Finally, because many of you asked, Brad Pitt is well, um, pretty average.

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26 Responses to sleep sack maniac

  • Abby Siegel says:

    1. Brad Pitt IS average. Bring me Hugh Jackman any day

    2. Those onesie pjs look really comfy. I'd love to be wrapped up in one

    3. Elmo is cute, but totally annoying

    4. That dress Dylan is wearing looks like a mini version of the prom dress!

    5. I honestly think having a week's menu planned out is totally unrealistic, so don't fret that you don't do that. Keep trying on the old clothes.

  • rachel says:

    Eve's in the hermetically sealed sleep bag, and loving it! I plan to let her grow old in one- so cute! Don't they all look like sweetpea or Maggie from the Simpsons in them- or is it just my bald and beautiful baby?

  • Jessi says:

    Reading about Brad's average size first thing in the morning while trying so hard not to laugh at this topic so my kids won't ask, "what's so funny, Mom?" is not an easy task. I think I'll take sleep sacks over male anatomy at this hour anyday 😉 (shhhh don't tell my husband please)

  • Jennifer says:

    "Try taking a 3 1/2 year-old to the potty wearing one of these." HA! And I see she's wearing another one while ordering her sushi. 😉 Hilarious.

    So…Brad is average, eh?

  • Francine Kasen says:

    Summer might be too young for the Where's Waldo books but her eye for spotting Elmo might mean she'd love those kind of hide and seek books. Who else is old enough to remember "Highlites for children" and the "find the hidden images within the bigger picture page???

  • sam says:

    what i like is that CITERELLA plans my menus for the week. it works like this: go to Citerella. look in glass display case. pick items that CITERELLA has made. bring home. eat. that is how i like to plan and cook. also, why can't we see the photos of brad?? please post, i DO NOT care that he is average! i like average then. p.s. elmo: red + squeeky=annoying.

  • If Summer can lift her head she's safe with a blanket…not that I'd be eager to give up that cozy thing.

    And you are not going to believe this, but I too plan a weekly menu (ok, we're usually off task by Tuesday) but it is the one piece of organizing that keeps me sane. Or at least keeps me out of the grocery more than once a week.

  • Michelle says:

    Menu plan goes like this, (esp since I'm on the must loose baby weight diet): I decide what I can whip up for the 2 year old, grab a jar of baby food for the 6 month old, call my husband and say the following: "I'll have cereal, you grab take out on your way home!" That's what I call planning!! 🙂

  • magpie says:

    Mine complains that she's hot and changes into shorts and a t-shirt. Or better yet, a tank top. Meanwhile, we're walking around in multiple layers of fleece. Nuts, the kids are nuts.

  • Tully's Mama says:

    Elmo rules the roost at casa de Tully. She sleeps with 2 Elmos each night. She doesn't like him on TV, thankfully. That whole meal plan thing looks so cool but I'm just not that girl. I gave up celebrity gossip for Lent, maybe now I'll have time for the kitchen.

  • Erin says:

    Tully's Mama- give up celebrity gossip? Have you lost your mind? Especially in the mist of all the Britney chaos? (hmmm re-reading this I am thinking that this is what I should have done)

    Kelcey- Katherine LOVES the sleep saks! We have 3 of them and tuck her little self into one every night…they are the safest must have's for every sleeping baby. oh gotta go- her 6 minutes nap is over (I kid not)

  • Caroline says:


    Love your blog!! Thought you might be interested in a catalogue/online store I just found out about: Room Service Home. They have the cutest things for babies and young children (esp. girls). Stuff I have never seen elsewhere – looks great and not THAT expensive.

    Keep us reading – we love it!


  • Jen says:

    I'm laughing while reading as I just ordered from Westville (and Sam, Citarella is my personal chef as well…) and earlier peeled my daughter's 12-18 month fuschia leggings off my 3 year old boy. Thank god he does not fit into her shoes… I'm really trying harder to be more zen!

  • Jen says:

    Katelyn (7 months) loves those sleep sacks too … or at least, I do! How long can I keep her in them? Forever, I hope!

  • Madmad says:

    OK. I was all set to say something deep about how I suppose all us females are always trying to fit into things smaller than we are, when… Brad Pitt? What Brad Pitt? When did I miss Brad Pitt? Was he here?! How come I didn't see him? Where is he? What do you mean average?! Did you see his cute little tooshie that Helen of Troy movie?

  • Kristin says:

    I used the sleep sacks for Julia until she grew out of them – I loved them! I recently saw them for toddlers on amazon.com – they have holes to stick their feet through. A bit more funny looking.

    So, how much do you want for the Playgirl with Brad Pitt? (Just kidding!) -K

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