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I think if you live in Manhattan’s West Village, you should be guaranteed certain rights… like clean drinking water, routine garbage pick-up, reliable mail delivery and at least one Sarah Jessica Parker sighting.

But after 5 years of calling this neighborhood home, nothing.

NOTHING. Not one glimmer of SJP.

But I’m making a little progress.

Because earlier this week, my friend Julie and I were strolling along Waverly Place, when we saw the hubby. Matthew Broderick. So I asked the great Ferris Bueller… did you cheat on your sensational, fabulous, fashionista wife?

And he said nothing. But you know what, that might not entirely be his fault because I may not have actually asked the question out loud. It’s probably more accurate to say I just thought it.

Officially, his publicist has released a “no comment’ on the rumors.

Anyway, Ferris seemed a bit intrigued by us and our strollers.  Maybe because we both have the double decker Phil and Ted strollers – although it can’t be his first Phil and Ted experience because they are pretty common in the city.  It looks like this…

How else can you maneuver a double stroller in and out of quaint, cramped stores?

But if Ferris had questions about our brilliant stroller system, he kept quiet. That guy is very big on the no comment.

Not the case for everyone in my hood.

The other day, I pushed my stroller into a local coffee shop and a man peered down at Summer and said to her…

“You poor baby. All strapped in like that. It must be torture.”

“Trust me, if anyone is being tortured in this scenario, it’s me,” I responded laughing. I had endured a great deal of whining that morning.

“I don’t feel sorry for mothers. You chose this. No one forced you.”

Holy double caffe latte what?!

Hmm… what would Sarah (no, not Palin) do in this scenario?

I looked around the shop and another mother gave me a look that said, forget it girl. He’s not worth the effort.

She was right.

So I said nothing, grabbed my latte, aimed my Phil and Ted’s towards the door and headed out.

mama bird notes:

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40 Responses to sighting on waverly

  • feener says:

    i marveled the phil and ted when i first saw it a couple of years ago, but didn’t go for it. makes sense for the city for sure. as for the comment….i always wish i could have the girls puke on rudies ….

  • Jordana says:

    One) I had my SJP sighting right after Ava was born. SJP was in Lenox Hill (where Ava was still in the NICU). We were riding the elevator together and she looked a bit lost and I tried to help her. She was very sweet and told me she was visiting her sister who just had a baby and knew her way around as she had recently had her son there. It was a super-chill conversation and I played it so cool like, \\\”Oh. I\\\’m just helping out a regular person. No idea who you are.\\\” Yeah right. Two) Maybe my spatial relations are twisted, but I can\\\’t make heads or tails of the P&T pic AND WE HAVE THE SAME STROLLER. Is Dylan sitting in the toddler seat? What the heck is going on??!!

  • Abby Siegel says:

    I have no comment about the guy except to say that EVERY SINGLE TIME I see a baby in a stroller I’m jealous-what I wouldn’t do to have my mom strap in me into a padded wagon every day and roll me around. Looks like paradise to me-as long as I’m a baby and not really old…..

  • misty says:

    well, i think someone has mommy issues and I don’t mean you or summer… wowzers…

    That’s a bummer in re: to the no SJP thing. As far as Matt goes. WTF? seriously… these men cheat and I’m thinking “WHY???” she’s lovely… And he’s, well- chunky. And living off a lot of her money.

  • LB says:

    My 4-yr old often prefers the the toddler seat, too—with her 4-mo old sister in front. I would have been too stunned to respond to Mr. Rude right away, but then then I’d come up with at least 10 perfect responses about an hour later…

  • Jessi says:

    Good for you for ignoring him! Some people just have no couth. “Politeness and Manners have left the building.” (Or so they should have called over the intercom the moment he opened his mouth.)
    BTW, I have never seen that stroller before (I live no where close to NYC to see them all over lol) and I think it’s kinda cool! Do they make them to hold 3 kids? You know ages 2-10? If so, I need one!

  • wa says:

    OK, it took me 10 minutes to figure out that this wasn\\\’t actually a stroller named after the Keanu Reeves movie–that was BILL and Ted\\\’s Excellent Adventure. I thought someone at the stroller company had a wicked sense of humor.

  • jean says:

    Actually, on a recent visit to nyc (my old stomping grounds) a friend who owns a building(house) in SJP’s neighborhood pointed out her building to me in plain view of hers. I didn’t see her but I did see Liv Tyler during that same trip not far from there holding her dog and talking to a woman on the street–even prettier in person–believe it or not! Jean

  • Rhea says:

    Women don\\\’t ALWAYS choose to become mothers.

    What a jerk.

    I always think of good things to say back to someone later.

    I\\\’ve never seen a stroller like yours before. wow.

    Next time tell him, \\\”Thank goodness there are no fathers like you out there. DICK.\\\”

  • Daphne says:

    Hasn’t that guy ever seen what toddlers can do in a restaurant when they’re not strapped in? Us mothers are doing a community service by containing that energy.

  • Michelle says:

    You think he was a Grandpa, just advocating for the kids?? (she says sheepishly hoping that a person like this deosn’t really exsist) Love the Phil and Ted!!

  • Cathy says:

    That guy is so clueless. That stroller is ingenious. I wish I had one. Ethan is six, and would still ride in it. He gets jealous that he has to walk to school and James gets to ride.

    I would have wanted to ask Ferris if he cheated, too. It’s like Clinton after Monica-gate.

  • Melisa says:

    How rude, but it’s best you didn’t bother. Some people, I swear…sounds like he has some mommy issues he may need to keep working through.

    I had a friend suggest a P&T as her must have baby item…only problem is I am preggo with the first…so it will be a while before I can justify a P&T. 🙂

  • Aimee says:

    you should have put on your best SJP acting and “tripped” to spill so warm coffee on the jerk! Maybe he was a bad child to his mother and that is his way of justifying “mothers choosing”–hey man how about those unplanned pregnancies because the boys forget to bag the goods?…PLEASE. Anyway…you did good not tearing him a new one….but I wouldn’t be so kind if he bumps into you again.

  • Audrey says:

    OMG! She did NOT! After living in NYC for 8 years… and being the only mother in my bldg. without a Bugaboo… I was told one time by a guy in my bldg. that my stroller looked like an Army Tank. Geez. Thanks. I will say, I am so jealous you had a Ferris sighting. I saw David Hasselhoff once. Tried to break into a Baywatch run… but thought he may think I”m a little weird! 🙂
    LOVE your blog!! LOVE it!
    – Audrey

  • erinb says:

    I will have major mama envy if you ever do see SJP!! I used to see Paul Newman all the time at Chef’s Table in Wspt…kinda cool but after seeing him get soup for the one billionth time it kinda lost the thrill!
    Dude- what was that coffee man thinking? I applaud your ability not to kick his A$$ right there- you should have said “um who started this conversation?”

  • andrea says:

    I live in the \\\’burbs and i love my phil and teds. Many (many) people comment on the double decker ride but mostly its \\\”thats cool\\\” (they are probably talking about me behind my back but truly a double we jogger- its like the mini van of strollers… thanks but no thanks.

  • Wow.

    If I was quick enough on my feet, I would’ve said “and I don’t feel sorry for grumpy old men who left their manners at home and clearly didn’t order near enough coffee this morning!”

    People like that remind me of one of my favorite sayings ‘wear the world as a loose garment.’

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Kelcey, you could have asked him,”Didn’t your mother torture you?..it’s the only way to bring up children now to prepare them for this 21st Century. When they get older, they’re getting boxing lessons and I’m buying each of them a gun. Coddling children just doesn’t ‘cut it’ for surviving the assholes they’ll be encountering every day; especially in coffee shops.”

  • Lanie says:

    Good job keeping your cool and walking/strolling away. That guy does not deserve your time. Like the Phil and Ted – I am personally in love with my Bob (don’t worry Evan knows all about it). xoxoxo

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