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My mother is turning 70 this weekend.

I tried to take her to a play on her birthday but she told me she was already booked for a yoga class. A very special yoga class that is only held once a year, in case I was insulted. But she did squeeze me in for the night before so we are going to see, “Love, Loss and What I Wore.”

I hope Ryan Gosling is in it. He might not be.

What strikes me about 70 is that it doesn’t sound old. Not really. I don’t think my mother thinks so either because when George Bush Sr. was sick about a month ago and thought to be on the edge of death’s door my mom said, “So sad. He’s so young.”

George Bush is 88 years old.

Bush was the 41st president, the man who heralded a thousand points of light and the guy who vomited at a Japanese banquet. But young? Not so sure about that.

My older girls recently accused my mom of being old.

She insisted she was actually still young and then diverted their attention by explaining some medical terms to them. I listened to my mom explain to 8-year-old Dylan, 6-year-old Summer and a play date the definition of high cholesterol and what it means to have a stroke.

Then the play date interrupted my mom’s pre-med lesson with some questions of her own. She wanted to know how each of my mom’s dogs had died over the years.

I think a lot of grandmothers might of answered, “Want to play Chutes & Ladders?”

But no, my mother went through every dog she had ever owned and exactly how it had died. Sabrina had that painful neck problem and had to be put to sleep. Whisper died of old age. Another one had kidney failure. One got hit by a car. It was very informative.

It seems like my mom is embracing 70. Because really what choice do we have as we embark on this aging process? And I’m glad that she’s feeling good…. emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I love that my mother is too busy with yoga to see me on her birthday. I love that she thinks she’s a neat person but that she’s actually quite messy.  I love that I made fun of her driving and then karma cursed me because the very next week, I side swiped a parked car. I love that I left a note on the car because that’s what my mother taught me to do.

I love that my mom thinks George Bush Sr is young. And that she would take the time to explain how each of her dogs died to some curious elementary school students.

Happy birthday to the most quirky, compassionate, honest woman I know.  I have a feeling you are just getting started. xo

31 Responses to seventy

  • Awesome. My Gran said something amazing – she’s still 18 in her head, even though she was about 65 at the time. I will never forget that. The body ages but the heart and mind stays young. I believe it too – I’m knocking on my 40′s and still feel like I’m in my 20′s.

  • Meg D says:

    Happy birthday to the MamaMamaBird! Your mom sound awesome (and a lot like my mom!) Here’s to yoga keeping us all feeling young well into our 80′s.

  • Jordana says:

    Beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady! Happy birthday, Susan. Thanks for giving me my best friend, years of sleepovers and love through the years!! 70 is going to get its ass kicked!

  • Jill sherman says:

    Happy birthday Kelceys mom! Good for you! I think 70 is young too… But 88… Not so much! Have an awesome bday!

  • annie says:

    Happy Birthday to Grandmama Bird!! My mom will be 70 next year and honestly, she wears me out!! No way I can keep up with her. I love that 70 now seems much younger than it used to.

  • FC says:

    Happy Birth Day to Mama MamaBird!

    My only concern is how are you going to eloquently ditch Mom when Ryan Gosling decides he wants to sneak off to your car to make out in the back seat? I mean you might want to formulate a game plan here and consider packing a blanket…just in case.

  • HonestMum says:

    Your Mum sounds awesome. I have the most amazing 96 year old Grandma. She seriously looks 70 (not A wrinkle), and is the brightest, most beautiful woman I know. Kinda makes age immaterial!

  • Amy says:

    Sounds just like my mom, who turns 70 in a few weeks and who has been providing me with daily updates on the health of George Bush. Here’s to hoping 70 looks that good when we get there.

  • Marta says:

    I hope to feel that young at 70! I feel like I’m becoming a crotchety old lady at not-even 30. I think it might be a phase.

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

  • barb sigel says:

    Happy Birthday to your mom. If her birthday is on Saturday, 1/19, she is super awesome as all people with that birth date are. You may now wish me a happy b’day for tomorrow. I will be listening to 16 Candles by The Crests. I am substituting 66 for 16 and senior queen for teenage queen. It will then be perfect.

  • Steph says:

    No surprise that YOUR mama is awesome. apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Happy Birthday to her!

  • {sue} says:

    Happy birthday, Mrs. Kelcey’s Mom! Aging is always better than the alternative! I can’t do yoga at 45, but maybe I’ll be more flexible at 70? I can hope!

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