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Rick and I have been dealing with some major stress lately. Some things I can’t write about and some things I can.Β  But I’m hoping that just maybe, just possibly we’ve hit rock bottom over here.

Now didn’t we elect Barack Obama President? I thought he was going to bring eternal peace and happiness to all mankind? I swear, I saw that in one of his ads.

Well, maybe once he’s inaugurated.

But there is always gratitude for what we have.Β  And each night when I put Dylan and Summer to bed, I kiss their sweet cheeks and thank the twinkling stars that they were brought in our lives.

And the other night, I checked on them before I turned in and here is how I found Dylan:

Yup, that’s a hat and scarf combo, along with a pair of gloves, that she dug out of one of her drawers.

I promise she was just wearing pajamas when I said goodnight to her. I never once thought to bundle her up in outerwear. I totally have to start thinking outside the box.

Meanwhile, my father has been staying with us while Rick recovers from his surgery.

And my dad’s clothing choices are somewhat questionable. For example, on Friday night, we went out to dinner at a cool, fancy nancy restaurant in the meat packing district.Β  And my dad wore a…

tracksuit. Hmm….

And the next day, I took my dad and the girls to the World Financial Center where there is lots of room to run around, art exhibits and places to eat. And apparently….

tracksuits work there too.

On Sunday, I was almost disappointed when he opted for cords.

My 65-year-old dad happens to be single so if you know any lovely ladies who have a things for men in tracksuits, he might just be their prince.

Dylan and Summer are having a wonderful time with my dad.Β  And Rick is recovering slowly but surely. Frankly, I think he’s just relieved that I’m no longer following him around with a camera.

And you’ll be so proud of me. I didn’t eat a single candied nut over the weekend. Mostly because we don’t have any of those sinister Nuts 4 Nuts carts in my neighborhood. But still. Gotta give a girl some credit for not taking an ill fated subway ride uptown.

mama bird notes:

Jen P. is the winner of the Cirque du Soleil tickets! I really was impressed by the wide breath of aerobatic skills from all of you. And I am now wracking my brain to figure out how to take all that talent and turn it into a money making opportunity. You know, some kind of Cirque du Soleil knock-off blog troop.

This week I’m giving away tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, staring the Radio City Rockettes! One New York area mama bird will win 4 tickets to the 4 pm show on December 28th.

To enter, just leave a comment on the mama bird diaries this week and tell me what you imagine is the best perk about being a Rockette. Just FYI… Rockettes must be between 5’6″ and 5’10”, proficient in tap, jazz, ballet and modern dance AND display a radiant energy on stage. Wow. That sounds exhausting. Especially for a 5’4″ chick like myself.

52 Responses to rock bottom please

  • Shannon says:

    Only one way to go from here, up right? Sorry you’ve been having a tough time. Wishing you lots of joy and peace – and a speedy recovery to Rick. I’m tellin’ ya – that Dylan is a fashionista, trend setter in waiting. πŸ™‚ Hang in there Kelcey…

  • calikim says:

    Oh, I see….NOW you qualify that you have to be a NYC resident. Sheesh!!!

    Sorry to hear about this misfortune…the second time in a very short period of time. #3 WILL come along eventually I’m sure. Maybe even a boy to give Rick someone to play with. You are in my thoughts. Now go do some of those acrobatic moves I just taught you and you are sure to get preggers in NO time!!

  • Rhea says:

    Your dad is hilarious in his track suits. When I get old I might wear the same thing, trip people with canes and say whatever I want!

    I’m sorry about the stress. And the miscarriage. :o(

  • mayberry says:

    Oh how do I love that picture of Dylan! Complete with baby doll all tucked in … snif.

    Take care and I hope 2009 is a much better year for you all. That inauguration is coming up really soon.

  • Amy@UWM says:

    That picture of your daughter is priceless. I’m sitting here chuckling picturing you sneaking in her room with your camera. Gotta admire her ingenuity — there’s a girl who knows how to solve problems.

  • celticbuffy says:

    My 11 year old does the same thing as Dylan. I asked her why she wears a stocking and sometimes mittens to bed and she replied that is makes her feel snug and cozy. Who can argue with that?!

  • Stephanie (Tyler's Mom) says:

    I’m glad to see I am not the only mama who sneaks into her daughter’s room, at night, to take funny pictures. I’m very sorry for your two losses. My husband and I have been down that road and I know how difficult it is. My thoughts are with you guys!!! 2008 is almost over…2009 can only be better!

  • Jennifer H says:

    Just a few more weeks until you can turn the last page on this calendar. I hope the next year holds some happy surprises and the realization of at least one sweet, quiet dream.

  • kristen says:

    i think if you walk east a little, those nuts4nuts carts are waiting for you, hehe.

    i’m glad rick is feeling better and my friend, i think there’s something in the cosmos that has a lot of us in major, major…(fill in the blank), things that are caught in the throat, but not things to talk about on the blog.

    i’m grateful that i’ve taken a vow of silence over at my place it makes all the words that are brimming easier to hold safely.

    thinking of you. xo

  • Terra says:

    Hang in there. Stres and the holidays seem to go hand in hand and when you have to add health and other issues it is double hard. Stay strong.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Besides having great legs, I think one of the perks of being a Rockette must be that you do not have to enter contests to try to win tickets. You probably get comped. On the serious side, it seems that the whole country is having a hard time but I am sad to hear you are part of the hard times. I think things get easier for you and Rick–and all of us. We need laughs like the ones in your blog to get us through.

  • Bitsy says:

    I’ve been thinking about you and I will pray for you. Your loss is very real and don’t you let anyone try to minimize it. I will pray for comfort for you and a quick recovery for your husband. I’m still praying for your friend who lost her husband as she faces this holiday season without him.

    P.S. Do you need to turn up your thermostat?

  • francine Kasen says:

    I cannot imagine what you are feeling. But feel this. We love you, and wish for all good things to find their way to you! We are going to the inauguration, so look for us on TV. We will be 3 millionth to the left of the stage! Can I be your inauguration correspondent and take pics for the blog? Lois Lane loves a new assignment! XXX F,D,M &J

  • Michelle says:

    Kelcey-We’ve been having a tough time ourselves lately. I’ll say this, I thought I’d be more graceful through the “poorer” part of my vows! I finally am starting to take full breaths as things are looking up. In this year of Hope I added this quote to my Christmas Card this year which I love…..
    Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul,
    And sings the tune–without the words,
    And never stops at all…Emily Dikinson

  • I love your blog so much and with each entry I feel like I know you so much more. I am so sorry about your lose, you and your family will be in my prayers.

    PS your kids are super funny

  • Erin says:

    Kelcey, I’m so sorry. I wish you peace and joy and throw in some de-stressing yoga or a massage. I hope Rick’s recovery goes smoothly and quickly.

  • Sandrine says:

    So sorry you had to go through that again, it’s awful, I hope things get better for you really soon and that Rick recovers quickly.
    I think Dylan with (or without!) the help of your dad may end up on project runway really soon. big hugs and kisses.

  • Daphne says:

    Isn’t it wonderful that we’ve got these creative kids to keep reminding us to think outside the pajamas? Oh yes, and to provide those sweet soft cheeks to kiss…Hang in there better, only way from here is up.

  • bubbie says:

    Love you all and wish you the strength to get through the tough times. They make the good times even better, and I know they are coming for everyone!!!!

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Your dad dresses for comfit; not style….just as I do. Are we a match? I’m age appropriate/single and you’d end up being related to Jordana somehow. Give Dylan 3 more blankets to sleep under; she won’t need to get dressed to go to sleep. Being a Rockette means (1) You have a job and (2) You can’t eat bags of nuts and get fat and sick. Sorry about your tsuris…whatever it is.

  • Dixie Chick says:

    We are rooting for you. Even amidst rock bottom you are still taking pics (thanks Dad & Rick for obliging) and making us laugh. Laughter heals all hurts. I am learning that for myself as well. Healing to everyone. Hang in there.

  • misty says:

    your dad is adorable. If only he were more southwesternly located, I’d hook him and my mom up in a heartbeat! πŸ™‚

    hang in there… Surely we are scraping the bottom too.

  • scrappysue says:

    my parents wear SHINY tracksuits. i think it’s compulsory for ALL over 60s – bless them! i just love photographing kids when they are asleep. i think we’re maybe a little bit jealous of how peacefully they sleep?!

  • tracey says:

    no tickets for me… But oh DARN about the height requirements, because I totally meet the other ones. totally.

    Sorry you’re having such stresses right now. Hope they get resolved sooner than later. HAng in there…

  • Oz says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having a tough time.

    I think I was about 15 when I heard about the height requirement. Since I had just broken five feet, I knew that my Rockette dreams would never be. I’m still sort of sad about it.

  • Portia says:

    A speedy recovery to your hubby Kelcey…and here’s hoping that 2009 is better for us all.

    As for the best part of being a Rockette of course it’s getting paid to do the famous Rockette kick dance!

    Happy Holidays and may they be over soon!

  • Aimee says:

    sending many hugs to you! I read your link..and although I am currently on the “other side” of things…I have SO been there as you know. I still panic each day that today I will wake up and lose the life inside me. Once you have felt that loss it lingers forever–since it is YOUR body, and something us women have no control over. It is the club nobody wants to join but many of us are in it.
    I feel for you sista!

  • Abby Siegel says:

    Many thoughts-
    I’m so sorry you are going through such a tough time. If you need me for anything you have my digits. Just call! Even if you just want a laugh.

    Rick looked very handsome in that other post when he was in the hospital. Only Rick can look so good in a shitty hospital gown.

    Your dad looks good in the track suit!! You should totally hook him up with Aunt Marcia!!!!

  • Amanda says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss again – I’ve been there once and can’t imagine having it ripped from me again. You’re very strong, you will get through this and we will both have another little bundle one day. Hopefully it only takes each of us one more pregnancy test.

  • Becky says:

    I can’t think of any perks for a job that requires you to dance in high heels and really short skirts in the middle of the winter! But at 5’5 I am in no danger;)
    I hope things start to go in your favor soon. Your in my thoughts:)

  • Megan says:

    so sorry to hear about your lose. I have never experienced it myself, but Kristen had two miscarriages and then went on to have her two beautiful sons. I will keep you, Rick and the girls in my prayers! XOXO

  • Nap Warden says:

    I am not going to get started on the state of the nation today. I have serious doubts on Obama’s ability to fix it. Not being a Debbie Downer, I’ll change the subject…
    Love Dad and the track suit:)

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Now we know where Dylan gets her sense of style from. Did it skip a generation or do you have some outfits you wear that we’d laugh at also? I’ll bet your dad was quite the ‘fashionista’ in his childhood. Any photos of him as a little boy wearing a dress or high heels?

  • amy says:

    So sorry about your loss and that things are so rough. Love the photo of Dylan–it’s mighty cool that kids’ have great timing with their cuteness. Hang in there–we’re thinking about you!

  • patois says:

    As my mom put up with my dad’s disastrous fashion sense — well, until the divorce — I’m sure the track suit would be easy-peasy. What’s he think of older women?

    Hope it all comes together quickly for you.

  • You really ought to heat your children’s bedrooms, you know. Sorry to hear Rick and Rick are going through a crappy time. I’m glad you’re blogging about it, as I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. P.S. Cute Daddy.

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