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On Saturday, I drove 3 hours. With 5 kids. By myself. In the middle of the day.

Normally I would only attempt such a drive at night when all the kids are sleeping but Rick was working and I wanted to get them down to the Jersey shore so they could hang with their cousins.

And this is sort of how it went….

That was 15 seconds of the trip.

(If you couldn’t watch it, just assume that it was all 6 of us happily singing, The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music.)

One of the darkest moments was when one of the children said, “I have to poop” which meant pulling off the highway and bringing them into a rest stop. Of course by the time we managed to all squeeze into a handicapped stall, that previously mentioned child no longer had to poop.

But we finally arrived in New Jersey and my mother-in-law had a crab cake waiting for me as a reward. I would have preferred Brad Pitt from 1991’s Thelma & Louise but the crab cake was pretty good too.

Meanwhile, I’ve been on a Memphis royal baby watch waiting for my sister to go into labor.ย  And she finally did.

Here is the little boy…

Callum Joseph

His name is Callum (pronounced Kale-um) Joseph (pronounced Jo-seph). I love my new nephew. Since I named my 2 month-old son Cash, I was really hoping they would go with ATM but whatever. Everybody does their own thing.

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