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I had a lot of Tulane University flashbacks this weekend. On Friday, I showed my breasts for some killer Mardi Gras beads. Oh fine. That didn’t happen. But I did grab lunch with my sorority sister Valerie Long. And when I say “grab”, I mean wolfing down food with my two spirited children in tow. Valerie and her husband were very understanding (or at least didn’t show their disgust) as my 3 year-old Dylan masterfully combined cheerios, water, beans and rice while snot poured out of my 9 month-old Summer’s nose. But my head was spinning just trying to catch up with old friends while I tried to manage the chaos of Dylan and Summer. I would get half through a question or sentence and couldn’t even remember what I was saying. At least in college, I could coherently finish a thought most of the time.

And that night I had a surprising Tulane deja vu moment. My husband Rick and I were getting ready to go out for our 5th anniversary. I brushed my teeth with Tom’s of Maine fennel flavored toothpaste (I have a fluoride allergy ok?) and then I took a sip of Shiraz. The combination of flavors tasted like a Jagermeister shot. We did a lot of Jager shots back in college and it’s not necessarily something I need to experience again. Yowzah. It definitely has a bite. Luckily, with toothpaste and Shiraz, you don’t blackout and end up mugging down with your biology T.A..

And today we headed to Brooklyn for a coed baby barbeque (just to clarify burgers were put on the grill, not babies). It was in honor of the beautiful and very pregnant Tulane Alum, Rachael Witlieb Bernstein and her handsome hubby Michael. I’m absolutely sure children outnumbered the adults. No one really seemed to notice that Dylan helped herself to about 47 stone wheat crackers and also took quite a liking to the brie. As for me, I think I’m going to order some crawfish etouffee tonight and call it a big easy weekend.

One Response to riding the green wave again (sort of)

  • Rachel Witlieb Berns says:

    Uh, Dylan's excessive cracker consumption duly noted…and you're right there were definitely more children than adults there. Thank you so much for coming and bringing the fam all the way to beautiful B-lyn Kelcey! Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming (The Hills)…

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