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So apparently on Tuesday, it was National Coffee Day. Although it’s always coffee day in my heart.

And last week, it was National Daughters’ Day. I know because my Facebook feed filled up with adorable shots of everyone and their daughters and I kept thinking, “Is this a real day? Am I a bad mom because I’m not celebrating it? Oh phew, my husband posted something. That covers me, right?”

And there is also a National Onion Rings Day. I guess because onion rings are insanely awesome. Stock up on your cards now!

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.10.37 PM

There’s a Talk Like a Pirate Day because lord knows, we could all work on our Jack Sparrow impersonation. There’s a National Good Neighbor Day so if you ever have a good neighbor, that’s one to celebrate.

I don’t know who comes up with all these ridiculous days (onion ring makers? pirates? neighbors who used to be bad but now are very very good?).

Since it seems to be a total free for all, I’m adding these to the list….

National Facebook Hoax Day (Guys, it’s a hoax. You don’t have to post legal mumbo jumbo on your Facebook profile to protect the privacy of your photos.)

National I Survived Disney Day (For anyone who has ever spent more than 10 hours at Magic Kingdom without a flask.)

National I Look Better Than My Ex Day (Relief felt when you look up your ex on the internet and determine you are aging better.)

National I Cut My Kid’s Hair and It Doesn’t Look Awful Day (Well, not that awful.)

National My Kid Cut Their Own Hair Day

National My Toddler Just Threw His Plate on the Floor Again Day (And if he does it one more time I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.)

National “I Didn’t Yell At All Today!” Day (Oh wait, spoke too soon. Maybe tomorrow.)

National Let’s Just Be Texting Friends Rather Than Friends Who Talk on the Phone or in Person Day

National Please Don’t Make Me Go Into Another Reptile House Ever Again Day

National I Just Ate an Entire King Size Bag of Chips Day

National It Didn’t Happen Unless It’s on Facebook Day

National “No, You’re Not Getting a Dog” Day

National “Stop Begging. You Really Aren’t Getting a Dog” Day

and finally…

National Meet Our New Puppy Day!

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