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My husband Rick was reading all the comments on my last post. The one where my father-in-law took off his toupee. The comments pretty much went like this…

“Way hotter without the wig!” (Heather)

“Hotter!!!” (Mwa)

“Oh Zaydie you cutie you! I LOVE the new look. But sadly, I’m now taken. In another life my dear Zaydie. In another life…” (Becky)

“He looks WAY BETTER. And yes…he is a total hottie.” (The Glamorous Life Association)

Of course Rick was seething with jealousy at that attention hog, Zaydie. So Rick did what any man would do in this situation. He decided to take off his toupee.

Except that the reveal is not quite as dramatic because that is Rick’s real hair. He doesn’t wear a toupee or any other hair system.  Props to my husband for taking this photo because he has a major headache and all I’ve done is harass him for a photo for my blog.

And no props to me today because I did something so stupid today that I can’t quite tell you about. But I promise to share my humiliation with you at a later date. I mean, isn’t that why you read this blog after all?

I’m off to condition and set Rick’s hair. Have a great Easter everyone.

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