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Ok, honestly… maybe they’re not really all that important. But let me share anyway.

1. Our girls adore flying.  How did we foster such a passion for aviation and adventure? Because at home, we let them watch a limited amount of TV.  On planes, they can watch as much as they want. I think that’s pretty much how Amelia Earhart got jazzed up about flying too.

Usually, the girls just watch the DVD player but on Jet Blue, they sometimes watch the cartoon channel. Except that at one point, on the way home from Florida, I got up to go to the bathroom and noticed that Dylan was engrossed in an episode of “Friends.” Because I don’t think it’s appropriate for a 5 year-old to find out if Ross and Rachel reunite or just raise their baby together, I turned it back to the cartoon channel. And then not long after, she was watching “TLC.” Let’s just say she now knows a lot more about Little People in a Big World.

2. Just like Smart A$$ Mom, I love “Chelsea Lately,” hosted by Chelsea Handler. And not just because my name was almost Chelsea and then my parents change it up and went with Kelcey. Although if I was a boy, I was going to be McAteer which is sort of crazy. But this is not about me and my life as a boy. It’s about Chelsea.

She is a super funny, pretty, smart, kick arse comedian who is the worst dresser. I mean just awful. I want to fly to LA and just style that fabulous girl. Meanwhile, Kelly Ripa (whose show makes me cringe and I wish she would stop confessing that she works out EVERY DAY) has sensational style. It just seems like an imbalance in the world.

I told you this was a post about really important things.

3. The other day I saw an ad for dog food.

Except it turned out to be chocolate mousse. Come on, at first glance does this not look like a spoonful of wet dog food? You know, if you fed your dog with a spoon which I totally would.

4. My husband (despite the fact that he is handsome, loving, personable, funny and talented) can literally not drink out of a water bottle without destroying it. The minute he takes a sip, he sucks all the air out of the bottle and the plastic begins to crinkle and become seriously mangled. It’s like he has super human drinking strength. Anyone who knows how turn this troubling habit into a financial windfall is encouraged to email me immediately. If you have no idea what I mean, please request before and after pictures and I will post them.

5. Best and biggest boobs at the Golden Globes went to Christina Hendricks of “Mad Men” although Halle Berry gave it her best effort.

By the way, I am so sick of every actor talking about how they have the best production crew ever.  THE BEST. When I win an Golden Globe and wear my dress with my boobs popping out, I’m going to say that I had a mediocre production crew who spent most of their time on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Thank you to SoMi’s Nilsa for the update that “Friday Night Lights” is returning to NBC on April 30th. Meanwhile, all those Austin girls in the house are going to keep us updated on Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins sightings. Yes, I know FNL is a cult. Yes, I know I’m pathetic. I just don’t care.

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