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When I was a tween, (Well, they didn’t call it “tween” back then. In 1979, it was called, “Too Old For Barbie Dolls But Not Old Enough To Do Anything Fun”), I had all my baby names picked out.

Ann was a definite favorite because it was my pretend middle name due to the fact that I didn’t have one.

Marie was on the short list because of Marie Osmond. Obviously.

Shaun was a favorite for a boy’s name due to my eternal love for Shaun Cassidy.

And then Lisa. Because everyone named Lisa had perfectly feathered hair. And well, that would be the greatest gift you could give a child.

Four names. Four kids. Done.

Except when I met my husband many years later, he had all these… umm… what do you call them? Oh yeah, OPINIONS.

Like he had names he liked. And I had names I liked (freshly updated for the 2000’s). And these names did not overlap much. At all.

There is one restaurant in New York City that will forever stick in my head, not because of the grilled skirt steak, but because it was the spot of our biggest baby name fight ever. Although the steak was pretty good. I can’t even recall which kid we were fighting over but it got fierce.

So how did we ultimately come up with our baby names?

The name Dylan I just always loved for a girl. Of course, I didn’t expect her to have no hair for the first two years of her life which led many people to think she was a boy due to her masculine name. And no amount of pink clothing seemed to help. But thankfully, she now has beautiful blonde tresses and it really suits her.

Our Summer was originally a Presley which just didn’t seem to fit her from the day she was born. We ultimately changed her name. Yes, it can be done. This is the story.

Chase was named after Philadelphia Phillies Second Baseman Chase Utley. That was obviously all me. Or you know, completely my husband Rick.

And then Harlowe. I first heard of the name when Nicole Richie (famous for the same stuff Kim Kardashian is famous for) named her daughter Harlow. Rick and I both liked it and we couldn’t agree on anything else. We added an “e” at the end because she was so tiny when she was born that we figured the longer the name, the better.

I really love the name Harlowe but sometimes wish we had just named her “Nicole Richie” because that would have been a real conversation starter and a respectful nod to The Simple Life.

I’m sure at some point all my kids will hate their names and insist we call them Bieber 1, Bieber 2, Bieber 3 and Bieber 4.

But until then, it’s Dylan, Summer, Chase and Harlowe.


That’s how I decided on my baby names. How did you decide on your baby’s name? Or do you have a funny story on how your parents decided on your name? Tell me for a chance to win a year’s supply of cards from Cardstore.com!
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