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Wait… what the hell is happening? Spring? Could it be? City dogs are suddenly prancing around minus their little cashmere vests.

And there are other signs here and there. Like this gal…


And love blossoming all around…


Oh, apparently you can love too much.

And here are some bare little toes on artificial city turf…


and a weird guy doing bare chested stomach crunches…


and sassy Summer sunglasses…


and mamas doing cartwheels…


Well, honestly, I was the only mum actually doing that. Yes, that’s me. What?! You think after 2 kids, I’m all washed up and out of cool moves. I’ve got mega awesome moves. You haven’t even seen my best stuff sista. My round off could kick you on your ass.

Yup, the proof is all here. It looks like we may have actually made it through winter. Keep that on the very down low because I don’t want a Nor’easter suddenly whipping through.

So since it’s 70 degrees in New York City, can someone tell Dylan to take her friggin’ wool hat off?


What is it with that kid?!

It’s a trifle difficult to enjoy the sunshine on our once quaint, cobblestone street with two new buildings going up simultaneously. Here are the current views from our lobby door.


Your think I could turn these snapshots into New York City postcards and sell them to the European tourists?


With all the noise, machinery and chaos, I’m thinking the upside this summer will be hot, shirtless construction workers sort of like that 1994 diet coke ad. This is my promise to you faithful readers. I will wait for a steamy, humid day. I will find the hot ones. And I will have my camera.

Oh, and if I can’t find any smokin’ guys, I’m sure I can at least rustle you up some butt crack.

mama bird notes

Ever been to an eco-chic cocktail party? I love that it’s finally cool to be green. Click on drooling over this to read more.

22 Responses to put the doggie vests in moth balls

  • Jennifer H says:

    It's nice of you to take one for the team like that, volunteering to scout out some hot, shirtless guys. Not just anyone would step up like that.

    I dig the wool hat with the sundress!

    Great pictures. And WHATEVER, about the cartwheel. I could never do one. But I'm glad you can. Really. πŸ™‚

  • Melissa says:

    I can still do a handspring. Sure, it's a forward one, but still. Not bad for 36, right?

    Cute pictures on today's post. Love the wool hat with the sun dress. My daughter is into wearing her flip-flops with her snow pants. No joke.

  • Rhea says:

    The wool hat with the sundress looking outfit is quite a fashion statement!

    Love Mama Bird doing the carwheels. You got good moves, girl! :o)

  • Jessi says:

    You so sexy!!
    Love the warm weather – treat it very nice and pray it stays! It was here for a week, now tomorrow night we have a chance of that white stuff again! ugh (sorry, hon, I’m a day ahead of NY weather -but I’ll try to stop it before it goes any further)

    PLEASE PLEASE keep that camera on you at all times when it’s hot outside – I love those construction sites. Those, ummm…trucks – yeah that’s it , trucks and machinery are awesome pieces of equipment.

  • Portia says:

    Oh yes…construction workers…been there done that….have no pictures to show for it…please provide some. πŸ˜‰ I love the hat with the sundress…she’s gonna be a fashion guru that little girl!

  • celticbuffy says:

    My round-off is pretty rust but I can still do the splits (as I’m nearing 40!). I’m so envious of your weather! We received almost a foot of snow in an April blizzard yesterday. Can you send me some of your sunshine?!

  • Daphne says:

    I was just impressing Kira with tales of our cartwheeling youth! Of course, I re-injured my shoulder showing off for the little punk, but that’s not because I’m old or anything…

  • Kristen says:

    I love the pics! I am glad some places are enjoying spring type weather because we had snow yesterday. I think we are needing a little spring around here.

  • wendi says:

    I am so impressed with your moves, and quite frankly, shocked that you can still do round offs – do I hear a back hand spring coming on? Taylor would be impressed andperhaps bring you to one of her cheer comps. As for butt cracks, keep to yourself, it just ain't right.

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