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We all worry about so many things. But it’s a ridiculous waste of time. Because it truly is something on a random afternoon that will knock the wind out of you. And something you would never expect.

Which is how I felt when I got a call from my husband Rick last Thursday that his dad had been in a terrible car accident.

Rick made his way to New Jersey that night as I tried to explain to our kids what this all meant.

“Zaydie was in a car accident. Just like Nanny was several years ago. I don’t know if you remember visiting her in the hospital but she was very very hurt. And you know what she is like today… happy, healthy and strong.”

I continued.

“I have faith that the exact same thing will happen with Zaydie. His broken bones will mend, his stitches will heal and he will be the Zaydie you know and love. What we have to do is pray and know in our hearts that he will be okay.”

I truly believe that people can feel positive energy coming their way.

I remember being on a plane as a kid and we hit some turbulent air. I felt really nervous and then I suddenly turned to my mom and said, “Were you praying for me?”

And she said, “yes.”

And I said, “I thought so. Because I suddenly felt calmer.”

So many years later, I was trying to explain to my children the importance of prayer, faith and love. After I finished, I asked if they had any questions.

There was silence.

Then 5 year old Harlowe spoke, “Mommy.”

“Yes?” I responded.

“I really love Doritos.”

And I laughed. “Yes, they are delicious honey.”

Rick’s dad is making amazing progress. My children and I heard his voice on the phone today and it was magical. The best thing I’ve heard in a really long time.

zaydie and cash

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