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You know those houses that are crazy neat. And make you feel a little uncomfortable. Like you keep looking around wondering, “Where are their bills and other papers? Where is their stuff? Have they hidden it? Or have they reached some celestial level of organization where stuff ceases to exist?!”

Now a few people who have known me for many years are thinking right now, “Kelcey –  that’s you. You are one of those people.”

And it’s true that I am generally neat. But to prove I’m not one of these insanely neat people, let me show you a few photos.

We still haven’t opened this box from when we moved back to our house almost three months ago. It just sits in our hall – begging to be noticed.

These are my bills and other papers lying in my kitchen…

And this is my house during the day…

Sadly, that is not the playroom.

And my attic. Well, that place needs a major intervention.

So I always sort of appreciate it when I go into someone’s house and it’s a little imperfect.

Which is why I was truly grateful when Rick and I stayed with a friend of his from high school and she had this beautiful photo of her family up on the mantel.

Except that’s not her family.

It’s the picture that came with the frame. And it’s been sitting like that on her mantel since December.

I really hope that photo is still there the next time we visit.

mama bird notes:

Do you live in NYC? I was invited to see The Amazing Max over the weekend at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center on West 60th. This guy is a little nuts and totally awesome. I have three words for you: Telepathic Stuffed Piglet. Reason alone to go see this show. Some of his tricks are really… well, amazing. And he’s super funny. My girls loved it.  You don’t think I went alone, did you?! The show just got extended through June so go get tickets. See, now you have something to do in the cold!

25 Responses to please let your house be messy

  • Carol says:

    LOL! I did the same thing a couple of years ago. When my adult son came to my house for Christmas he said Momma, who are these black people up on the mantle? Not that there is anything wrong with that except we don’t have any black relatives 🙂

  • Kerri says:

    Dearest Kelcey, other families will see these photos & would know they would feel comfortable in your house! People say that about my house too. One of my 17 year old daughter’s friends laughed at herself last night. Dh was boiling water for tea & asked if anyone else wanted anything. Her friend asked if there was any hot chocolate left. Unfortunately the 11 year old twins had recently used it up, I didn’t inform the purchase agent! The friend started to laugh & said she is so comfortable in our house she actually had to stop herself from saying, ” Do WE have any hot chocolate in the house?” I love it when I get calls from other kids’ moms who say their kids are going through withdrawl & can they come for a play date! The kids know they can take out the toys and actually play! Your house looks like a place someone could say, “Do WE have any hot chocolate?!”

  • I’m sorry, but those photos of yours look like my house on a good day. If they were meant to make us mere mortals feel better about our own homes, your plan backfired.

    I slept in today and was rewarded with early morning nightmares of unannounced overnight houseguests dropping in. Can you tell I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed by our parasitic invasion?

  • red pen mama says:

    Yes, I am a big believer in not beating yourself up over a “messy” house. We all strive for order, but I know for me perfection is unattainable. I blame the children. 🙂

    That said, my house is definitely messy, but it’s not dirty, you know? we dust & vacuum and clean up in the kitchen. But my pile of mail and school paperwork is a tottering tower or terror. I just wait until deadlines pass and throw it out.

  • hokgardner says:

    We’ve been moved in since December 16, and I still have boxes piled in my bedroom and the playroom and walls lacking any kind of decoration. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  • Selfish Mom says:

    I bought two huge frames from Target. I hung them on the wall with the frame pictures in them just to see if I liked them there. Six months later my husband finally took them off of the wall and filled them with pictures of the kids.

  • Issa says:

    My house is lived in. Clean enough? Yes. But it’s very lived in. Which I’m okay with. I know people (with kids even) whose house looks like they only visit it for seconds a day. I also know some people whose house should be condemned. Or on an episode of Horders.

    Lived in works. 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    I walked into someone’s house and not only were there toys all over the floor, but a waffle 🙂 Made me feel nice and relaxed, but still doesn’t stop me from telling my kids to put some stuff away, do I not deserve one sq foot of surface in my own living room?

  • DawnGes says:

    In our house it’s the golden retriever’s fault. We vacuum and one hour later we’ll see golden hair balls hanging out in the corners just waiting to greet anyone who stops by…

  • Lanie says:

    I am pretty sure that we still have boxes to unpack (and we moved in over 4 yrs. ago). All the Mardi Gras beads (which I have for some unknown reason moved from place to place) are hanging from door knobs, baby/dog gates, cabinets and the banister. It is a big Mardi Gras mess.
    P.S. If you figure out how to have an attic intervention can you tell me the secret so I can have a basement intervention? xoxox

  • Stasha says:

    I have the same scene on my counter. There is always some mail laying around unopened. It is the devil itself. Anyway, what is in that box?! I am intrigued…

  • luvmypeanut says:

    We recently had family photos done for my parent’s 50th anniversary. In anticipation of buying many of the photos, I bought one of those sets of hanging frames that comes complete with a plaque that says “memories”

    well I couldn’t wait for the photos in order to hang the frames! That bare space above the loveseat was screaming out for frames and memories! So I masterfully hung up the frames (using the included template, come on I am not that coordinated) and the word Memories on the wall! It truly was a masterpiece! I was so proud of my work, I yelled downstairs to the hubby to come up and LOOK AT THIS!!!

    He walked up, looked it over and said “I don’t know a damn one of those people” and walked away…..


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