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This is the time of year when my head feels like it might explode.

And I start to stress out over how we are going to move, celebrate Summer’s birthday, send out holiday cards, buy gifts, celebrate Hanukkah, buy and decorate a tree, celebrate Christmas, and on and on.

Now, of course, these are all very very good things. But they must be crushed into the next 2 1/2 weeks. (This is apparently very important in our culture so we can spend the epic long dreary cold months of January and February completely bored with no plans whatsoever.)

To alleviate my stress, I immediately take action and start checking things off my to do list.

Oh wait, that’s not right.

I mean, I immediately go on Facebook.

And that’s where I read the following status update of one of my Facebook friends.

“Bought and wrapped all gifts. Cards sent out. Tree decorated. Off to make cookies with the kids!”

Okay, that’s just not necessary.

Seriously not necessary.

You’re making the rest of us feel like lazy bastards.

34 Responses to please don’t do this on facebook

  • Steph says:

    Was there photographic proof of all that? If not, then well who knows what was accomplished. More importantly, your stress free holiday time with your kids is alot more important than any of those things. Cheers to your sweet family.

  • hokgardner says:

    I’m in the same boat as you. Not one present has been bought because I don’t have any place to put them in the rental and I don’t want to have to move it with us if we ever get into the new house.

    And I’m getting positively hostile towards all my friends posting pictures of their beautiful trees.

  • MN Mama says:

    Do you want me to post that I have done pretty much zero to prepare for Christmas and my parents visit next week? We are in the middle of a renovation project that took double the time and triple the effort from Todd and me. I hope it helps. We have six members of our family that have birthdays before the 3rd. Hang in there friend and take one thing at a time!

  • Liesl says:

    And you call that a friend? What do your enemies post?
    “Lounging on a beach in the Caribbean. Thanks mom for taking the kids for the holidays so we can have some alone time?

  • Roxanne says:

    Filthy bastard overachievers.

    I’ll be lucky if the tree is up before Christmas Eve. And I’m sure I’ll miss a few nights of menorah lighting. Because I’m just awesome like that.


  • Ann says:

    Seriously. Not. Necessary.

    I might stop the cards this year. I stopped halfway through last year anyway, so those people already think they’ve been unfriended.

  • johanna says:

    I promise I will not be posting that on FB as I’m trying to figure out when in the world we could get a tree. Dec 23rd is finally free but sure as hell not hauling out everything to have the tree up for 48 hours!! Wonder if the tree farm is open at midnight so I could get it sooner! Why is the season so fast?!

  • Mexmom says:

    My thoughts exactly, besides moving, I add to the crazy with my office x-mas party and gift exchange, kid school x-mas party and travelling during holidays.

  • Nancy in Montana says:

    I’m not that facebook friend that you mentioned. Really, I’m not. I DID get all of my gifts to mail wrapped, packaged and sent on December 1st (it’s a personal goal) and yes, I did write about it on facebook. However, I don’t have kids, haven’t put up a tree and although I started writing my Christmas cards, I only started then had too many other things to do so I just stalled that project until. . .well, until I am motivated to finish them, which if I’m lucky will happen before 2011 is over. So although I’m feeling a little guilty about my status update on facebook that I got my packages in the mail on December 1st, I’m NOT that facebook friend in your post. Really.

  • Bitsy says:

    Here’s my status:
    Tree half up. Boxes of decorations everywhere. Bought a couple of gifts. Nothing wrapped. Panicking about the rest. No cookies made. Definitely haven’t sent any cards. Maybe I should put that on the list. Don’t have a list. Hmm . . . somebody bring me some eggnog.

  • ErinB says:

    oh crap. is this me? abby and I think this is me. though I swear I never mentioned anything about baking cookies. we dont do that til next week.

      • ErinB says:

        WHEW! Well, I did mention something about having all my shopping done. Before Thanksgiving. I know, I know…But I swear this is the only thing I am prepared for. Usually I am a day late and a $ short :-} but havent touched baking yet. or cards. so we can still be friends.

  • Valerie says:

    That’s funny! I have found though that the people that post all they’ve done haven’t done much more than post on Facebook so I wouldn’t be worried. 🙂 They’re usually the ones more stressed out than we are and want us to believe they are cool as cucumbers. Seriously!

  • Honest Mum says:

    Haha, although I wasn’t the aforementioned ‘friend’ I am guilty of doing the same and bragging is not nice, everyone knows that.

    However, in my defence, I did suffer the crazy Xmas crowds, a tantrumming toddler who lay face down at the entrance of a shopping centre, flapping his arms around and yelling for cake, followed by utter disdain from fellow shoppers and a face full of cappuccino-so I needed one moment, just one, of simple snugness broadcast to the world (OK my 222 friends) that I, yes I, had survived Xmas shopping, for another year.

  • Joanna says:

    Right there with ya. Moving into a new house. A senior in high school and a Sophomore with constant sporting events and
    theater events to go to and an eight year old with special needs. Did I mention I live on an island so all my Christmas shopping must get done either online or between doctors visits on the mainland. As I type this I am at my daughter’s nurse’s house waiting to go see the endodontist to beg them to yank out a tooth that is “unrestorable”. And the wind is blowing a gale and i am supposed to get back home on a FERRY that will buck and toss in the Atlantic Ocean for about an hour and a half. Good times.

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