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As a parent, I’m always looking for fresh things to worry about. I mean, I cover the usual. Are my kids okay? Am I a good parent? Did I lock the doors? Are they properly buckled in the car? Did I unplug my flat iron? Am I eating too much candy? Will my dentist know? That sort of thing.

But today, I found something new to worry about when I saw the headline…. “Pediatricians’ new warning: Limit children’s exposure to cellphones.”

Here’s the deal. Children are not little adults. Their skulls are thinner and can absorb more radiation from cellphones. So we need to limit their exposure to radiation as much as possible.

Here’s the good news. Ryan Gosling is coming to your house tomorrow!

Okay, that’s not the good news. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to reduce your kids (and your exposure) to radiation.

Cute Little girl using mobile phone at home

Photo courtesy of Mommish

1. Keep your phone at a distance. For every inch you keep your phone away from the body, the amount of radiation your body or head absorbs goes down exponentially. So don’t keep your phone or let your kids keep a phone close to their body – like a back pocket.

2. Use a wired earpiece or talk on speakerphone. You don’t want to be pressing it to your ear because you’re absorbing more radiation.

3. If you plan to watch a movie, download it first. Then switch your device to airplane mode and watch it. The reason? If a device is connected to wifi or the internet, it is always transmitting radiation.

4. Avoid using a cellphone where the signal is weak. The weaker your cell signal is, the harder your phone has to work and the more radiation it gives off.

5. Don’t sleep with your phone next to your bed. And it’s best to shut off the phone or put it into airplane mode when you’re sleeping.

So are you starting to long for the days when you were just nervous about the radiation from your microwave?

But at least we can do something to reduce our exposure to cellphone radiation because we certainly aren’t going to stop using that glorious, magical microwave.

Oh and I’m sorry Ryan Gosling isn’t coming to your house tomorrow.

But here he is saying, “Hey girl, Don’t be afraid to use a landline now and then.”


2 Responses to pediatricians have a warning when it comes to kids and cellphones

  • Judy P says:

    I was just being dissed by my coworkers for not having a cell phone. Now I can look at them and smugly say that I am trying to limit my exposure to radiation.

  • Lanie says:

    Thank you for writing about the warnings – forwarding on your post! And yes, I miss the days in nola when Daphne would tell us to back away from the microwave.

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