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One recent morning, I woke up to find this outside our house….

Yes, that’s a bulldozer or digger or something (I’ll check one of my son’s painfully boring truck books).Β  And this thing is tearing up the end of my driveway and street.

Well, good morning!

Now to think of it, we may have gotten some kind of email explaining some sort of public works project but the details are very fuzzy.

But Rick suddenly has a brilliant idea.

You see we have wanted to replace part of our front sidewalk for awhile. It’s quite uneven and definitely in need of repair. We asked the town to fix it but they said the sidewalk was our responsibility.

So we got an estimate and promptly decided to embrace our uneven sidewalk. Plus, it brings some urban character and edge to the neighborhood.

But once Rick saw the bulldozer or digger or whatever it’s called outside, he promptly discarded our commitment to character and edge and ran out to talk to the workers. And since they were already out there digging and cementing, they agreed to fix our sidewalk. For free!

We love free! Free is totally in our budget!!

So we bought them coffee and doughnuts and now have a beautiful new sidewalk.


You know how much the original estimate was for?


You know how much money was in that wallet I found last week and turned in to police?


The truth people.

That is some serious quick turnaround karma.

mama bird notes:

Thank you to New York Family for featuring me in The Mom Chronicles in celebration of Mother’s Day! I am very honored. Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! xo

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