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You know how toddlers love to carry random stuff around with them like vacuum parts, tupperware or a 1992 yearbook.

Chase is obsessed with carrying stuff everywhere and I’m obsessed with not hearing him whine, so it generally works out pretty well for us.

Until a friend at school drop off said to me, “Do you know that Chase is packing a knife?”

chase with knife

Umm… yes. I sort of did.

But it is a butter knife. And it’s plastic. And he really likes it. So that’s okay, right?

Oh fine. I took it away.

mama bird notes:

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13 Responses to parenting 101: toddlers and knives

  • Sara says:

    Too funny! My 3 year old son was obsessed with his wooden play knife that came with our wooden play kitchen stuff. He called it his ‘dragon killing knife’ and took it everywhere with him. I didn’t see the harm. I let him play with a play sword, not sure what the difference would be with a play knife. It finally broke, so he’s moved on.

  • steph says:

    Oh man I too was OBSESSED with my toddlers not whining. C’mon a plastic knife is totally ok. And omigoodness your babies are so adorable.

  • Jen says:

    I had a client come in to my office the other day with her 3-year-old daughter. The girl was toting around a hole punch. That she kept sticking on her tongue. No major injuries occurred, but it sure makes the knife seem really like no big deal.

    • Kelcey says:

      I can not stop laughing at your comment. I am now so grateful that my son isn’t addicted to a hole puncher.

  • Karen Veronica says:

    Oh my gosh, let him keep the butter, plastic knife! Come to Ohio and see toddlers packing hunting knives, wearing camouflage and orange hunting vests and babbling about going hunting with grandpa to bag shoot first 12 point buck. Well, maybe I exaggerate, but 12 year olds do come back from hunting trips with their first deer — and as a home health I’ve had to go to homes to insist guns be removed before our nurses will continue their care services.

  • Angie LeVasseur says:

    Years ago (he’s 9 now) my son discovered TAMPONS under the bathroom sink. He loved carrying them around the house- double fisted! Needless to say, I didn’t let him leave the house. 🙂

  • Joanna S. says:

    My son used to carry stuff everywhere, actually he still does but now that he’s five they actually make a bit of sense… BUT he’s a hoarder of trash. Seriously he has drawers full of trash, stuff he finds on the ground, broken toe clippers, rocks, the list goes on. I want to throw it all away but he’s really proud of the heap and I don’t have the heart to. When he’s not home sometimes I’ll sift through and put the most ridiculous stuff in the trash.
    My daughter who is 15 months has to take all of her pacifiers when we leave the house… every single one of them, once her coat goes on the search for the pacifiers begins.
    Plastic knife is totally okay, what is he going to do? Butter some bread?

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