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(This is a sponsored post about an incredibly important issue that keeps our children safe. Please read this and I encourage you to take a quick action step that could make all the difference.)

I just did battle with a carseat. Yup. All to ensure that it was installed correctly. Can I put “carseat installation” on my resume because I’ve seriously been perfecting that talent for years?

That’s the kind of stuff we do for our kids. A million little things to make their world safer and healthier. From the food we buy to the baby gates we’ve installed (okay, paid someone to installed) to the teen we teach to drive (while we hyperventilate).

But we actually can’t do it alone. It’s not even possible. We depend on our government to protect our food, our air, our children’s toys and so much more.

But right now (and this is really the important part), there is legislation moving through Congress that guts crucial federal safety precautions. 

(I know the phrase “federal safety precautions” can really cause one to feel very sleepy but I promise you this is short and I will show you a photo of a very cute hippo if you hang in there.)

These two pieces of legislation—the Regulatory Accountability Act and the REINS Act— which will make it impossible for agencies to implement and enforce commonsense safety laws that have broad public support.

For example…

Your kids lunchbox: Efforts that have been put into place to label for allergens, reduce sodium, eliminate trans fats, remove arsenic and lead from baby food/juice, label GMOs, etc. are all on the chopping block.

Clean Air and Water: The rise of asthma and other respiratory diseases are drastically increased by air pollution. These bills would make it harder to keep our air and water clean.

School safety: From asbestos in classrooms to lead in drinking water and even the safety of the school buses, the RAA and REINs Act would make it harder to keep our kids safe in school. Protections to safeguard our children from toxic chemicals would be difficult or even impossible to implement under these bills.

Toy/Product Safety: These bills would undermine product safety for nearly every item (toys, sippy cups, pacifiers, baby furniture) our children interact with by stalling or killing future protections.

Basically, this legislation, undermines many laws including the Clean Air Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

The RAA has already passed the House and the REINS Act was recently placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar.

Okay, now you’re thinking… I got it. I got it. But what can we do?

Email your member of Congress by clicking here. This will take you less than 30 seconds. I promise. 

Whoa. Whoa. No cute hippos until you’ve clicked on that link.

I’m serious.

You did it? You swear?

Okay, here you go…

Courtesy of the Cincinnati zoo. 

A hippo on a raft! I’ve really outdone myself, right?

Okay, please tell your friends to get going and help us take action against the RAA & REINS Act by emailing their members of Congress by clicking here

This is a sponsored post for CAMA. All ideas are my own.

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