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I have spring fever. I’m ready to hit the quad after Economics 201 and then head to the Boot for two for one pitchers. What?! I have children to care for? No, no, no. I’m a sophomore. Children? Egads! That’s years away. I don’t even know who I’m taking to semi-formal yet.

There is something about a sixty plus degree day in January that can make you feel DY.no.mite. I ran into an acquaintance on the street today. I’m not sure which I savored more… having an actual discussion about politics and the various candidates (wait… did I just talk to someone for 7 straight minutes without discussing poop, sleep habits or preschool?) or watching his expression as my 3 year-old Dylan used her portable potty on the corner of West 12th and Greenwich. Sorry hipster real estate single guy. The girl’s gotta pee… now.

I’ll tell you something else I’m totally groovin’ on these days. Fred. I’m with Fred. Not the candidate. The Rogers. Listening to that guy is like playing one of those meditation tapes I remember my mom listening to when I was a kid. The guy is so freakin’ CALM. The fact that he died in 2003 probably helps keep his blood pressure down. But seriously, didn’t anything piss him off? The topic of today’s show? “Talking to friends and picking out shoes.” Fred, those are like two of my all time favorite things to do. I mean, this dude might be a hair outdated but he still knows what a girl needs.

Once in a while someone will come over when 3 year-old Dylan is watching The Rog (that’s our little neighborhood name for him) and he or she will innocently say, “Isn’t he… umm… isn’t he…?” My heart seizes. “Shhhhhh! Yes, he is D-E-A-D. But Dylan doesn’t know that.” Zip it. Let us just enjoy the magic of David Copperfield and his 1970’s do as he and his hair visit with Fred. Now, that’s a good episode.

lady-elaine-2.jpgThe only thing that unsettles me a bit is Lady Elaine Fairchilde. Not exactly a looker that one. And I’m trying to be nice because it is a warm and fuzzy kids’ show after all. But I do like her because she’s the cranky, neighborhood trouble maker and as we’ve learned from The Rog, nobody’s perfect. And in the end, it’s all about Fred. I just feel so relaxed listening to his voice. So peaceful and full of love and patience. He’s the kind of guy that could make you forget all about that boyish, unseasoned Michael Cera. Yeah, you heard me right.

mama bird notes:

This week contributing mama cool single gal Abby Siegel reflects on life after Britney. Looks like the pop princess STILL hasn’t hit rock bottom but at least Abby has an immediate solution for us music fans (and it doesn’t involve Dr. Phil). Click on contributing mamas to read more.

12 Responses to one cool neighbor

  • Lanie says:

    I will meet you at the Boot for those pitchers. Can we go play pop a shot at Fat Harry's later?

    I think that Lady Elaine might be one more reason that I really needed to stick with Lanie.

  • Terrell Naumann says:

    Where was the camera crew when you needed it ?? That was definitely a picture you'll wish you had at Dylan's rehearsal dinner slideshow!

  • Kristen says:

    I am with Lanie. I would love to meet you both at the Boot. Lanie, if Kelcey doesn't want to go to Fat Harry's, I will go with you! Can we get some wings?

  • kelsey says:

    kelcey, please indulge us with an essay entirely about the mysterious portable potty. Photo documentation of street corner peeing would be great as well. (And, yes, i agree this is a must have for Dylan's special event slideshow!)
    – kelsey

  • Jordana says:

    Talking to friends and picking out shoes.” Fred, those are like two of my all time favorite things to do. I mean, this dude might be a hair outdated but he still knows what a girl needs.
    – HILAROUS!! I was always a little freaked out by the land of imagination – is that what it's called? Not sure why…

  • Sharon says:

    OMG!! I can't believe another adult loves Mr. Rodgers like I did. Back in the day, the kids (Jen & Rob) really weren't in to him, but he was my daily link to sanity. I would sit down on the couch and listen to his low calming voice tell me everything I wanted to hear. He was my tranquilizer during those unbelievably crazy infant & toddler days. Thanks for the memory.

  • Kerry says:

    i think the rog smoked a joint before each show. how's that for a visual? as for the outdoor peeing, i love that dylan has her own porta-potty – so city. drew regularly communes with nature and lets it all out on the grass, bushes, parking lot pavement, etc.

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