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There’s a question that’s been sort of bothering me lately.


I mean, I know you just put the kids in cardboard boxes because a family recently sent me a cute little “We’ve Moved!” notice and all the children were happily sticking their heads out of boxes. So that part seems easy enough.

But I have not been able to wrap my head around the rest of it. I started to completely obsess over the food aspect of moving. Should I try to empty my freezer now? But then what do I feed my children? Do I pack my dry goods?  Do I pack spices form 1993?

Do I pack my extensive tea collection despite the fact that I haven’t had a hankering for tea since – well, ever. But what if with the new royal baby, I suddenly want to drink more tea. I mean, people are waiting to name their babies after the royal babe, the least I could do is partake is a cup of Earl Grey once the kid is born.

And then there are the Build A Bears. Do you have these things? We have a small village of them. The girls don’t play with them but if I chuck them all I am absolutely certain, we will arrive in Florida and they will immediately inquire about their whereabouts. And I’ll have to tell a story about the bears getting so liquored up at the Laguardia airport bar that Jet Blue wouldn’t let them get on the plane. And who wants to expose a 6 and 8-year-old to that kind of tawdry tale?!

So clearly the bears are coming.

And then what about these sculptures. The girls absolutely loved sculpture camp and brought home these…

scupture portrait

The one on the left is Dylan’s self portrait piece and the one on the right is Summer’s abstract piece and not a penguin as I originally thought. Are these pieces (big in creativity and size) supposed to make the trip?

One mother mentioned that she was tempted to just throw her child’s sculpture out the window on the last day of sculpture camp. That is some forward thinking right there.

Oh and Dylan did one more sculpture…

sculpture bomb

Yup. That’s a bomb. I don’t know what else to say about that. Definitely not coming.

Unless Dylan reads this post and then I’ll probably have to go shopping for a sculpture bomb display case for our new home.

mama bird notes:

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34 Responses to omg. how do i move?!

  • Tiffaney says:

    Hmmm…between Dylan’s previously disclosed deep desire for smoothies, cash and freedom — and now her sculpture — could she be trying to tell us anything…? 😉

  • francesca says:

    Somehow I missed what prompted the move… Where’s the link to that post? PS- I moved to Singapore with a newborn and mostly survived – but then again we moved in suitcases only… no furniture or big stuff – and certainly no food…

    • All military moms know that a move is a prime opportunity to get rid of crap…I mean, kids’ artwork, stuffed bears, etc. Repeat after me: “Gee, I”m sorry, honey, the movers lost that box.” Although I do think your story of drunk teddy bears would be more interesting….

      • Military moms are experts at “packing” stuff. I’m still “unpacking” all of the mismatched Lego sets and drooled on stuffed animals. I figure my son will forget it or bring it up to his therapist down the line. Surely, he’ll blame his father.

  • Kristina Dorfman says:

    Seriously, how come you can me laugh so hard when I’m sitting alone? Hysterical. As for the Build A Bears… you’re a better mom than me. I get taking the sculptures (don’t unpack them until they ask) and I respect the bomb that Dylan dropped at your house, maybe it was symbolism and she’s a budding artiste!

  • E says:

    I’ve only moved x-country w two kids, a newborn and a cat but it was bad enough. You have two extra kids. My advice is to hire someone (cheap) to help you pack and be brutal about purging. Look at an area, give her general instructions, and then walk away. It’s easier if you are not the one sneaking the sculpture to trash. I love doing this stuff for people so if I were advising you I might consider taking Dylan’s sculpture, not the others, and I’d pick 1-2 bears. The rest go. Possessions weigh you down on this trip called life. That’s my motto.

  • Someone advised me to take DIGITAL PHOTO’S of all art … and then toss the originals… So far I have LOADS of digital photo’s and piles of original art… I’m thinking I missed something.
    Re: moving – I love it!!! EVERYTHING that is absolutely not essential to life and living is tossed out. Then I get to accumulate all sorts of stuff from scratch in then new house.
    While I’m not a hoarder by any means, things stack up… lots and lots of throw out bags!! Oh… and you get to donate to the needy too, so there’s a whole cultural serving thing going on there as well. And who says the needy don’t enjoy good art?!

  • How exciting Kelcey! Want my unsolicited advice? Throw the bears away. You just need to not be able to find them if they ask. It will be one of life’s mysteries. And the sculptures could be photographed and you could make an 8×10 print of them for their new rooms. OR, of course, we can make those for you and send them mounted and ready to hand once you are settled!

    When we moved (less than a mile) we hired the movers to pack for us. We literally did nothing. They showed up in the AM to a fully lived in apt. and by the end of the day it was empty. They even packed the junk drawer – they just dumped it into some paper and wrapped it, crumbs and all which is sort of disgusting. But, at the time, we couldn’t handle doing it ourselves. It was great. We highly recommend it and will only pack that way moving forward. Your hands are too full to do it yourself.

    But you should throw the tea away. And spices that are over a year old should get junked too. In general, you should throw anything away you haven’t used or worn for a year – except for sentimental mementos. I think a garage sale could be fun for the kids. Not sure if it would make Dylan sad though. If she doesn’t have email, now is the time to get her one so she and her friend can send messages! Also a Kindle Fire HD with Skype would be nice for them to chat!

    Perhaps we will finally see you more when you are in Florida. We’d love to plan a visit for next Spring.


  • Becky says:

    I agree with others. Craigslist it all – including the bomb. Start fresh. Most likely your stuff doesn’t with the Miami Vice look anyway.

  • frankasen says:

    The bomb looks like a SPERM to me. Maybe Dylan was just telling you that she wanted another sibling, and now that she fished her wish, ditch that fertility idol quick! The bears will be too hot in Florida. BTW, I JUST threw out a paper mache’ puppet that one of my kids made over 25 years ago and I guarantee they wont give a damn, nor have they even seen it in all that time! Purge baby purge!!!

  • colt13 says:

    Since I mysteriously lost a small baseball card collection(and was upset about it)when I was young, have the kids help on that one. Donate half(cause they cost too much to throw away), then save the rest, because if Dylan and Summer don’t want them eventually Chase, Harlowe and Cash might.

  • Jen says:

    Please take it from a semi-professional mover, toss, toss, toss! We moved 1/2 our things into storage 2 years ago when we moved to a smaller house and didn’t missed a thing. When we finally unpacked those boxes last month we ended up selling/donating 95% of it and lamented over the money we could have saved by donating it in Rye.

  • miamimommy says:

    Another idea— have the kids give a bear or artwork to each special friend they are leaving behind.

  • Denise says:

    Embrace the opportunity to purge. Don’t move all the things that you clearly know you don’t want (not to mention move across the country)! It feels so good to let stuff go, plus you can blame all missing sculptures and items that arise on the movers. Run with it!

  • Jessie says:

    I feel your pain. I just moved 3 times in a year (2 rentals before buying). I agonized over every single book and preschool art project for weeks. Then during the final (pre-dawn) hours before the movers arrived, I lost my mind and started throwing out everything. Like, things that I actually needed. Like plates. So I would say unless you NEED it, toss it. Keep one or two art projects that you love, and “lovingly discard” the rest. Good luck to you:)

  • Mary Clare says:

    I do so wish all the energy and creativity that goes into art projects would endure and the projects themselves could just magically disappear / organize itself into a cute memento portfolio. Our house is COVERED in kids arts projects; my kids are sooo offended when they find them in the trash. I try to keep a few representative things (the first time she drew her family, wrote her name, etc) discretely recycle/throw away the papers. But, yeah, the random objects made of clay, cups, pipe cleaners, etc… TRASH! Good luck with the purging!

  • Lanie says:

    You have always been my role model with minimizing and organizing – you are an expert at this! Just remember to pack the kids the rest is just stuff. xoxo

  • MN Mama says:

    I agree… I thought it looked like a sperm. What about this mantra…..When in doubt, throw it out. Take pics if you must but don’t move everything.

  • Susan says:

    We downsized from a house with a basement to a condo on a slab 8 yrs ago. I vote for the idea of the girls giving loved bears and artwork to friends as mementos. They’ll know that the friends will think of them often and will love the gift as much as the giver did. We donated vintage Barbie & Strawberry Shortcake things & other things our now-adult children played with to kids we knew would enjoy them and to places where children are being cared for. A huge box of stuffed animals that I lovingly washed and packed in a large box were received with “We’ll save this for Christmas gifts.” Don’t move what can be replaced, i.e. spices & teas. Unless the $$ value of things gets to you, just give stuff away or do a onetime yard/garage sale. For me the time it would take to write ads, take photos, field emails and phone calls in order to sell stuff online could be used more productively. And big jobs like this one are like eating an elephant. Do it one bite at a time.

  • Megly Mc says:

    I just moved myself and my three kids a mile over, and I wanted to hang myself by the time it was over. The last four boxes still haven’t been unpacked, and I have no idea when they will.

  • Susan Kintner says:

    Wow! Lots of amazing advice. Whichever selections you pick, I will help you. Following Dylan’s plan, I would like to duck tape all of you to me but given my dislike for duck tape, I will celebrate the good things in store for you and buy out a non-stop airline to visit often. love, mom

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