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I’ve recently discovered that many of you are READING. For enjoyment. Huh?! And not just, “Curious George Takes a Job” 452 times. Actual. Adult. Books.

I thought we mamas had temporarily given that up, along with all those movie outings complete with junior mints, fattening popcorn and occasionally that weird fake butter topping. Gosh, that topping is so greasy and so yummy.

But sites like Memarie Lane discuss books with fabulous wit and detail. And I’m finding invites in my inbox to join goodreads and compare books with other bloggers like my second journal and flutter.

Of course, I am forced to shamefully admit to these avid readers that there is no literature stacked on my bedside table. Just some magazines and maybe a NY Post. Oh, I feel so shallow and guilty. Must find short book to skim so that I can casually mention it in one of my posts and appear to be super smart.

Speaking of that famed tabloid, this week the NY Post had a venti-sized report about Starbucks shutting their doors for THREE epic long hours for something ridiculous called “espresso excellence training.” The java nerve! Apparently this was extremely upsetting for a few Starbucks’ junkies here in New York City.

One New Yorker fumed, “I am shocked. Shocked and appalled.”

Another said to the Post, “A lot of people come here to make out, read, sleep. I can’t imagine how lost people will be.”

Look, I heart Starbucks too and certainly relish the opportunity to make out there…. but closed for 3 HOURS? In a city with a gazillion trillion coffee houses? I say – wipe your caffeine tears and prepare yourself for a new commitment to espresso excellence!

Meanwhile, on frigid winter afternoons, I sometimes take my kids down to our barren, cold lobby for a little change of scenery. I know it sounds pitifully depressing but they actually love it. I, for one, could use a coffee bar down there.

3 1/2 year old Dylan needs no caffeine. She brings all her musical instruments and puts on a show.


And yes, she picks out her own show outfits.


And yes again, she instructs me how to style her hair.


And of course, yes, she’s barefoot.

During one of her recent numbers, she stubbed her toe. And thrust this dirty foot at me, requesting a kiss for her boo boo.


If this was your kid, would you kiss it?

Well, I’ll admit that I did.

Anyway, we’ll all be getting a break from winter lobby fun because we are soon headed back to Boca Raton, Florida, the land of Ricky’s relatives, warmth and leaking catheters for a week.

Well, here’s hoping all those catheters have been fixed by now.

mama bird notes

Because an escape to warm weather makes me just so darn giddy and happy, it’s time for another mama bird giveaway. Free, fun + fabulous stuff! This giveaway includes….

Burberrry “The Beat” Eau De Parfum. $62 dollar value. This spray promises to be a blend of unexpected contrasts expressing the unique personality of the Burberry woman, naturally sparkling and carnal, slightly wild, incredibly chic and sexy. Wow. That is me in a nutshell. Why am I giving this away?


The SwaddleKeeper blanket with newborn head support. $31 value. I really failed miserably at swaddling. This blanket makes it so simple. No complicated folding, tucking or wrapping. A wonderful way to calm fussy newborns. What an amazing gift for a new ‘rent! The giveaway item comes in an organic cotton paisley print.


This is for all you Deadheads. This children’s book, “Monkey and the Engineeris based on the lyrics of the popular Grateful Dead song (lyrics + story by Jesse Fuller). It’s the endearing tale of an engineer’s pet monkey who makes off with his train. You and your kids can light up.. oh never mind. That’s not a good idea. Just enjoy the book. $15 value.


And finally, because this item was so popular before – here’s more teething bling by Smart Mom. A cute teething toy that you wear around your neck, plus a matching bangle. Totally safe for your baby. The silicone material is non-toxic, latex-free and even dishwasher-friendly. $20 value.


To enter to win all this loot, simply leave a comment on the mama bird diaries in the next week. You also need to be subscribed to the mama bird diaries via email or a reader. To sign up, click on “subscribe to this free feed” under the menu bar. Good luck birdies.

31 Responses to oh, i’ve been meaning to read that…

  • izzy's mama says:

    When are you going? My dad has a house in Delray Beach..is that nearby? (Believe it or not, I have never been and don't know Florida at all). The idea of a mama-blogger meet-up could make it more appealing!

  • rachel says:

    Add 5 'ignore your baby to sleep' books to your nightstand, and you've got mine. Plus People, the Globe and Star. I'm in the business dammit! This is work! (Ssshhh…its what I tell myself lest my wasted Tulane education enter my consciousness). Aaah well, off to read about if Brit's carrying Adnan's baby…Where there's smoke, right?

  • I am horrified and delighted that you kissed that foot! The other day Clara hurt her ankle after splashing in a puddle here, so her sock was filthy. She asked me to kiss her ankle, sooooo, I did.

    And then I wondered what sort of nasty bugs were yukking it up in my mouth!!!

    Happy leap year to you and your family!

  • Susan says:

    I haven't read a book since I was pregnant with my twins over 2 1/2 years ago. Maybe in a few years I will have time to read a book again.

  • Jacki says:

    Seriously, our kids need to get together. Emma does the same thing! It is the dead of winter, yet she will put on one of her summer dresses (her "dancing dress")….grab some of her instruments….and then put on a show for us with dancing and singing.

    And she's barefoot.

    And afterwards she tells us when to clap.

  • Jordana says:

    Ava and I hang out on the steps in our "lobby" (okay, hallway) all the time – it's becoming a very nice way to get to know our neighbors!

  • Michelle says:

    You want to get back into reading? May I suggest getting warmed up with an easy Hot Pink read. (You know, Nanny Diaries type with the Hot Pink cover) Kristin Gore wrote a fun one about being a staffer in DC (Sammy's Hill) that I read ages ago, (SOmetime before the 2 year old was born) quick read and entertaining also doesn't require too much thinking. Happy Leap Day! 🙂

  • Buffy says:

    Current book reading in progress:

    Stiff: The Life and Times of Human Cadavers

    The Physics of the Buffyverse (I couldn't resist a book about theoretical physics with my name in the title.)

    Confessions of a Video Vixen

    Skinny B*tch

    Seeing Me Naked

    Now that I've proven that I'm totally off-kilter, may I please have some more delightfully wonderful smelly good stuff? 🙂

  • Buffy says:

    By the way kissing dirty baby parts is a way of life. I think it's how you know you've truly graduated to "Momma". And who could have resisted those cute tootsies anyhow??

  • Buffy says:

    One more thing (chatty today aren't I): this pertaining to the cute kids' book–My littlest (16 mos) is named Mackenzie but my 8-yr old calls her Monkey so we buy all things monkey for her…hehe

  • The Mom Bomb says:

    Oooh! Oooh! (think Horschack). You read the Post, too! Hubs makes fun of me for loving the Post so much, but you can't beat their headlines. This week, the story on Kosovo was "You've Been Serbed."

  • Lulu says:

    Oh, don't worry – there are plenty of copies of old US Magazines and Vogue by my bedside too. And under the bed. And in the drawers of my bedside table. I just put the books on top because they pile higher. 🙂

  • Allison T. says:

    You could always do what I did…put all the books you read BEFORE you had kids on your goodreads site and feel much, much better about your intellect. My mom thinks that when I add them is when I read them, so she is amazed at my abilty to read so much, work, and raise 2 kids. Ha!

  • Jennifer says:

    I hear the side ponytail is making a comeback. She's very cute.

    Hmm, should I starting giving stuff away?

    I hear Starbucks is discontinuing their breakfast sandwiches, too, to restore the coffee smell to their stores. Really? The Starbucks coffee smell clings to me long after I've walked out their door. And the Eggs Florentine breakfast sandwich is really good.

  • Lanie says:

    I listen to books on tape/CD. This is not technically reading but it seems to work for me.

    Have a great time in Florida (maybe the cold weather will be over by the time you get back).

  • sam says:

    READ??? are you kidding me? if you are a mum and have time to READ i really don't trust you! ok, hold on, i DID actually read "eat, pray, love" but that only happened by way of extreme sleep depravation. it was so great i could not put it down but sleep is always sacrificed in order for me to sqeeze in a read. semi-rested or well read? i'll take the sleep. also, dirty foot, no problem. how about sick kid, just barfed, needs cuddle and KISS?? but of course!

  • Jennifer says:

    As a former Deadhead, how did I not know about that book?! I even sing that song to my kids as a lullabye some nights. Awesome. I'm going to get it, even if I don't win. Yay.

  • Kristen says:

    If you are wanting to read a really good book, I absolutely loved "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. I think she is a great writer who challenges me to see things from other people's perspectives. However you do a ton of great things and if reading a book is not a priority that is okay. Give yourself a break! Reading is my escape especially when I am missing my shows during the writer's strike. Enjoy your vacation with you family!

  • Diana says:

    OMG the foot thing had me rolling! I have totally been there! And when I had Eva I swear I got 50 copies of Good Night Moon. I gave away most of them swearing I’d never read the stupid book… of course it’s her favorite! Ugh!!!

  • Erin says:

    The necklace teether. Brilliant! My little girl reaches for my necklace every chance she gets and needless to say it isn't really baby safe. Oh, and I'm totally with you and those Starbucks crazies. There's probably another coffee shop right next door! OR Live without your caffiene fix for three short hours! Sheesh!

  • Erin says:

    two Erin's?

    I am "have no blog Erin". :-}

    only Tully's Mama and KK can tell us apart I am sure.

    I am so wanting that teething ring necklace thing- Katherine has about chewed off my finger so this would be a fab alternative (of course she doesn't want the other 4 thousand teething toys I have)

    and as far as reading…umm..my books are being used as coasters…or doorstops…or just put out to make it look like I read. but I really do love to read- just too tired…if one could only read while sleeping I would be golden.

    here's to a leak free vacation ! xo

  • Jose Salvador says:

    I have to be honest. I will never fasten my seatbelt on a plane without thinking that there could be urine from a child all over it!

    GROSS!! – But kinda funny!

  • Milena says:

    Here is how you do it. You read sitting in the toilet. You read while you blow dry your hair. Use the hair pins to prop the book open. You read while you cook – put book in cookbook stand and just make something you know. Pack your book in your purse – there are myriad 2 minute reading opportunities and you'd be amazed how many pages you can go through that way. You also read your books to your child as night time literature. Mine sometimes listens intently. If I give words the right intonation, it's all the same to him. Also, think about what a great thing you are doing by improving your child's vocabulary. Lastly, don't sleep, read the whole night through. If the book is good enough, you will not even notice the lack of shut-eye. There, I think I've shared all my tricks. Good luck and tell me how you manage your reading from now on. Not that I need a review from you to think you're super smart.

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